Do This For 10 Seconds While Having A Heart Attack, You Could Save Your Life

Heart attacks can occur when you least expect it. Far from the common misconception of only those with conditions such as angina pectoris, a heart attack can be fatal at any time. There are several factors leading to heart attack. Lack of exercise, obesity, cholesterol and clogged arteries which you may be unaware of until a heart attack strikes.

Heart attacks are among the main causes of deaths worldwide and the biggest disadvantage of a heart attack is that it strikes without warning. Without emergency medical attention, it could lead to death. Fortunately, just as there are diseases in the world, there are also cures and advice for prevention of conditions like heart attacks.

Try not to panic when having a heart attack

In most cases, the first thing a heart attack victim does is panic. Most people haven’t the faintest idea what action to take. Even if there is another person resent, none may possess the knowledge of what first aid to administer in times the event of a heart attack. This is the most dangerous aspect of a heart attack.

Lack of medical attention causes the victim to faint and fall unconscious. Saving your own life or someone else’s in the event of a heart attack requires quick thinking. You need to call 911 or an ambulance immediately. Heart attack symptoms

When having a heart attack do this immediately

If you are having a heart attack, try to emit a loud and forceful cough. It should be strong and deep. In fact try to repeat it coughing at least for 2 seconds after which you need to exhale, while exhale and extend it to last a considerable length of time.

When you cough during a heart attack, you force the blood to flow back into your heart. Blood circulation is resumed for the heart to resume its normalcy. The pressure of coughing restores the balance of your heartbeat and rhythm preventing any further organ damage.

For a clearer picture follow the instructions in the video. This will definitely save your life one day. The best way to avoid instead of survive a heart attack is proper nutrition, exercise, avoid smoking and a healthy lifestyle free from stress.

Other Tips

The first thing to do is phone 911 immediately for an ambulance.

You should then sit and rest while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Aspirin can sometimes help, but don’t get up and look around for an aspirin, as this may put unnecessary strain on your heart.

If you’re not allergic to aspirin and have some next to you – or if there is someone with you who can fetch them for you – chew one adult aspirin tablet (300mg). If the aspirin isn’t nearby, however, anyone with you should stay with you and not go looking for aspirin.

Before the ambulance arrives

If you can, before the ambulance arrives, you can help the paramedics by doing the following:

  • if you’re outside, stay with the patient until help arrives
  • phone 911 again if the patient’s condition worsens
  • phone 911 again if your location changes
  • if you’re phoning from home or work, ask someone to open the doors and tell ambulance staff where they’re needed
  • shut any family pets away
  • if you can, write down the patient’s GP details and collect any medication they’re taking
  • tell the paramedics if the patient has any allergies
  • tell the paramedics if the patient has taken an aspirin
  • stay calm

Many people survive heart attacks and make a good recovery. Your heart is a tough muscle. Stress, shocks or surprises don’t cause heart attacks.

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