DIY Tattoo Removal Methods At Home: Are These Methods Safe?

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It takes a lot of time until you decide to remove your tattoo. Once you decided it, you have to handle the itching because you need to get the ink out of your skin as soon as possible. If you attempt to use the internet to remove the tattoo quickly, we think you shouldn’t do this.
In fact, you can remove a tattoo at home easily and quickly. We are sure that if you have removed your tattoo before, you will regret just because you find the secrets to removing it easily as below.

Using Salabrasion/Dermabrasion To Remove Tattoos

When you are using the internet to find some valuable information, the fact is that it will bring you to some terrible suggestions such as using a salt mixture called salabration or dermabrasion. If you were to try one of these methods, you may think that the tattoo is removed at the end of the process, but others may experience something different such as the tattoo removal left a scar.
One doctor goes as far as claiming these at home tattoo removal methods are the equivalent of throwing kerosene on your tattoo and lighting it on fire. For this exact reason, it is extremely important to consider your options and research the methods available to you before making a decision on how you want to have your tattoo removed.
I know that it’s tempting, but performing at home tattoo removal isn’t just slow and ineffective, it’s risky. Using dermabrasion or salabrasion to remove the top layer of your skin in a non-sterile environment can lead to infection and severe health concerns, especially if the area is large. To put things simply, you probably shouldn’t even be considering any tattoo removal method that utilizes salabrasion or dermabrasion.

Topical At-Home Tattoo Removal Methods

Another alternative for those who need to remove a tattoo immediately, they can use topical remedies. The function is to lighten the tattoo by applying the cream repeatedly. Well, it can be other natural ingredients, not a cream. Even though this method is safer than dermabrasion or salabration, still, this method does not remove the effect completely.
Creams marketed specifically for tattoo removal do exist, but many people experience adverse symptoms ranging from minor skin irritation to discoloring or even blistering of the skin after using these products. Other topical treatments involve chemical peels, but they aren’t any safer than the above-mentioned methods and can cause scarring as well.

All Natural Tattoo Removal methods

Other options for removing tattoos at home include applying lemon juice, honey or a mixture of aloe vera, paederia tomentosa, and vitamin E. These are much more natural remedies but focus on gradually lightening of the whole area of skin and take a long time to show results. These are considered much safer options, but it’s unlikely you will be pleased with the results.

The Best Tattoo Removal Method

In order to get the best results with the least discomfort and lowest risk, I highly recommend seeking a professional laser tattoo removal service in your area. Laser tattoo removal is not only the safest method of removing tattoos, but it is also the fastest.
Nonetheless, there are still a few very specific things you need to do before and after laser tattoo removal. A single session can last between 2 and 30 minutes, and most tattoos are completely removed within 3 to 6 sessions total. Tattoo removal shops have professionally trained medical staff, prepped with all of the necessary comforts to make the tattoo removal process quick and painless.

The Bottom Line

When you have a big willing to remove a tattoo at home quickly and easily is not a realistic expectation. Visiting a professional is the right answer for a quickest, safest, and most effective method. Tattoo removal methods at home are too risky and ineffective. So, if you have a free time and you want to save more money, it is okay to use natural remedies. Make sure that these methods have been tested for its safety but low down your expectations.
If you want your tattoo removed quickly and with the least amount of risk, you require professional laser tattoo removal. Whatever method you choose to pursue, please perform additional research and do what you can to minimize the risk of burning and scarring.