DIY Ollas: Low Tech Self-Watering Systems for Plants

Slow release watering around growing plants

Using an Olla is a great way to keep plants watered, especially in dry regions and in the height of summer. The way they work is by slowly releasing water directly to plant roots under the ground. This saves a lot of water since very little of it is lost to evaporation on the soil’s surface. Being slow-release it also means that you water your plants less.

Although you can purchase purpose-built Ollas, making your own using terracotta pots is both easy and inexpensive. In the video and instructions below I show two ways that you can convert ordinary plant pots into low-tech watering solutions for your own garden.

Materials Needed for this Project

The first way is very easy but much more of a hack than the second. The more permanent solution involves sealing the bottom of your pots with concrete. For this project you’ll need:

DIY Olla Watering Pots -- a low-tech solution that keeps plants watered in dry conditions. Also saves time and water.

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