DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack To Make Your Entrance Looks Neat

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Do you have a huge collection of shoes with all the clutter in the front entrance of your home as well as your closets? Well, it means that you extremely need this DIY project. You can make a Lazy Susan shoe rack for organizing and also displaying your shoes. This is a handy furniture that will make you able to store shoes in one dependable location around your home.
Some DIY designers recommend that you should use plywood disks. Why so? You need to cut them out of the wooden sheet. Therefore, you will need the proper tools. Besides, this project is for you who have enough experience of carpentry skills because doing the cutouts can be the challenge.

It does not a big deal if you do not use plywood disks. You can still use some upcycled materials like reclaimed wooden wire spools in your home.  You need to make the hole in the middle of the spool around. After that, each of the dividers needs specialty picture hangers to screw. This is what you need to save more time, money and space.
Just make sure that before doing this DIY project, you should go to a decent hardware store to pick up some materials you will need.


  • 20 or 24 pcs ½ inch plywood for shoe dividers. Size: 10 inch x 5 ½ inch
  • 5 pcs 1/2 inch plywood for boot dividers. Size: 20 inch x 5 1/2 inch
  • 5 wooden wire spools. Diameter: 28 inches
  • 2 pcs 1/2 inch plywood for base length. Size: 18 inch x 2 inch
  • 2 pcs 1/2 inch plywood for base width. Size: 17 inch x 2 inch
  • 4 or 5 Lazy Susan bearings with 4 screw holes
  • 40 3/4 inch nails
  • 12 picture hangers or regular hooks
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint
  • Protractor
  • Screw Driver
  • Adjustable Wrench


  1. Disassemble the wire spools by undoing the connecting bolts with the adjustable wrench. Remove the wood slats and set them aside along with one spool round that you can use for later projects.
  2. Cut all the divider boards. With the exception of the boot-sized dividers, you should be able to use one standard size three-foot reclaimed pallet.
  3. Measure the gluing lines using the protractor. You should have one divider every 60 degrees (6 dividers per level). Pay special attention to the center or the dividers will be misaligned.
  4. Glue the dividers in place with one nail to hold them in place until they dry.
  5. Glue and nail the top spool round to the dividers.
  6. Repeat for the next 4 levels, or use boot dividers for one level if you’d prefer.
  7. Glue and nail the rectangular base together. Glue and nail one more spool round on top.
  8. Screw picture hangers or regular hooks in each shoe divider for sandals and shoes.
  9. Paint all of the pieces and allow them to dry.
  10. Center Lazy Susan bearings on the base and between each level. Screw them in place. Assemble your levels and you’re ready to start filling up your DIY Lazy Susan with shoes!

Now, as you see, you have a beautiful Lazy Susan DIY project to complete your home. It is the best solution to remove all the clutter from your shoes. You can place it in almost any area in your house. You can place it near your entrance, your closet, and other.