Antelope Canyon, The Most Popular Slot Canyon On Earth

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The Highlights Of Antelope Canyon

Back to millions of years ago, the area here was the sandy desert. When rain fell, the sand soaked up the water and hardened the sand. The heat hardened the compressed sand and formed Navajo Sandstone. By the time, the crack formed due to earthquakes. In the monsoon season, the rain picked up the speed and rushed into the passageways so that the edges look to go deeper and smooth that create beautiful shapes. The sandstone flows and curves even in every direction here.
So, these are the photos of Antelope Canyon. Before it was so booming on Instagram, the spot was so popular among tourists and photographers. Believe it or not, it has the most popular slot canyon on the earth. If you go there, the site still offers the massive crowds.
Even though everything here is under the control with people explored through the canyon, still, stopping at the various points cannot remove your eyes from all chaotic.
The Highlights Of Antelope Canyon

Upper Vs Lower Canyon

Antelope Canyon offers two different canyons, the Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope. So, Which one to visit first? If you book trips to there separately, we recommend visiting both canyons. Even if you have a limited budget or limited time, it is hard to consider which one is better.

The Upper Canyon

For most photographers, they will choose Upper Canyon. Most photos to find on the Internet are likely from here. The shape will remind you a chevron. It is narrower at the top but you can see the popular light beams. Besides, the canyon is shorter but wider as well. If we talk about the mobility issue, it is easier to access the Upper Antelope.

The Lower Antelope Canyon

The Lower Antelope Canyon is more affordable with the less traffic but much crowded. You can still see the light shafts but that are far. The lower antelope canyon offers stairs and ladders to climb and even with some moderate scrambling. In addition, the area is popular for its brighter and more vibrant colors with the shape like a V. It is wider at the top but narrower at the bottom so that it is able to offer more light.
If you are around the parking lot, Lower Antelope Canyon is on the right side. On the other hands, you have to get a short ride on the open-bed trick so you can access Upper Canyon. An enclosed SUV is the common choice for photography tours. In case that you want to avoid the crowds, it is better to visit Rattlesnake, Mount Sheep Canyons, or Owl.
All About Permits, Fees, And How To Book Early

All About Permits, Fees, And How To Book Early

Navajo Parks and Recreation is the one that protects Antelope Canyon. Therefore, everyone must enter the area with a guide. The rule is to prevent vandalism and to make sure that each of you is having safety precautions. Everyone from 8 years to older has to pay the fee to get into the park. Besides, you must book a tour and pay for the tour fee. The cost depends on the tour company you book.
The tours are available in year round and the peak season goes from the end of March through October. At these times, you have to book tickets and tours before the day. If you wait until you are there, it is almost impossible to get the available ticket. Therefore, you should book tickets a month and a half in advance and do that during the peak season. It works if you want to get a photographer’s tour in this spot.

The Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon

The experience to find in this canyon is about the light. The light shafts and the glow along the walls make the area is more interesting. The light beams appear during the summer months. In other word, you should go there in the middle of March and the light beams will disappear at the beginning of October. The best times are the closets to the summer solstice. If you go there during the winter months the canyon has more muted colors.
About the light shaft, it will appear in the high noon, between 10 am to 12 pm. Eventually, you can call your tour guides to find the best time to see the beam.
The Best Time To Visit Antelope Canyon

The Available Tour Options

Choosing your tour makes you able to get a Sightseer’s Tour or Photographic tour. These tours will bring you to the same place. Nevertheless, Sightseers Tour will go for 60 minutes. On the other hands, the Photography Tour will go for 120 minutes.
In addition, the Photography Tour only allows you to bring a tripod and typically, a DSLR or nicer mirrorless camera is the requirement to join the tour. The cost of Photography Tour is more expensive but it is worth the costs.
The regulations on the canyons are high and therefore, you only have a few options available for the tour companies as below:
Upper Antelope Canyon

  • Adventurous Antelope Canyon PhotoTours
  • Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours
  • Antelope Canyon Tours
  • Grand Circle Adventures
  • Overland Canyon Tours
  • Tse Bighanilini Tours

Lower Antelope Canyon:

  • Ken’s Tours
  • Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Location of Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon
Indian Rte 222
Lechee, AZ 86046
The Crucial Tips For Visiting Antelope Canyon

The Crucial Tips For Visiting Antelope Canyon

Flash floods are the real challenge. The last big incident killed several hikers. Therefore, there are a lot of rules to prevent this incident. If there is inclement weather, the usual thing they do is to cancel the tours. They can happen suddenly. Also, you should concern the time zone differences. It can be confusing but the easiest way to do is to call your tour company to make sure that you know about the time it starts in Navajo time and then how it differs from the time where you are. It is disappointing to miss a tour once just because of a time zone difference. You should use the bathroom before heading to the tour. Some porter potties are available but they are gross. It is getting dark in the canyon especially in the Upper Antelope. Make sure that you walk slowly and carefully. Beware of the weather since flash floods can happen at any time.

Your Pack List

  • Small bag – Use it to carry small personal stuff. You cannot use a backpack because space is tight.
  • Buff or bandana to keep out dust and sand
  • Layers
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Camera Gear
  • Lenspen or Lens cloth
  • Saran Wrap – To protect your camera from the sand
  • Comfortable shoes or hiking shoes
  • Cash for the entrance fee and tips

Best Places To Stay Near Antelope Canyon

Page, AZ is 5 miles from Antelope Canyon. It offers some options for food and hotel. You should book early during the peak season. Staying in Page means you are at the central location with amazing outdoor spots. So, plan your day wisely.