9 Unexpected Things That Show a Marriage Won’t Last Long

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All people want that love of a lifetime, but practice shows that this kind of scenario is a rare exception to a harsh reality. In Europe, people have started to get divorced 2.5 times more often and get married 2 times less often within the last 50 years. The good thing is that foreseeing a divorce is possible and it is backed up with scientific research.

We hope that there will be more happy and strong families in the world. That’s why we studied a bunch of research and chose the 9 most distinct divorce forerunners that scientists have spotted.

1. The number of smiles in their childhood photos

9 Unexpected Things That Show a Marriage Won’t Last Long

Psychologists conducted a series of tests to try to understand whether it is possible to predict divorce from childhood and youthful photos. In one study, scientists looked at pictures from a college yearbook and rated the intensity of smiles on a scale of 1 to 10. The assessment was based on the stretching of 2 muscles: one tightened the mouth and the other created wrinkles around the eyes.

None of those whose smiles were rated a “10” divorced. At the same time, every fourth person got divorced among the frowners. In general, results show that people who look gloomy in photos get divorced 5 times more often than those who smile.

2. The emotional tone of their voice

A computer algorithm can predict the success of a marriage, with an accuracy of 79%, using only the tone of the spouses’ voices when communicating with each other. Scientists analyzed the conversations of more than 100 couples who were seeing a psychologist and then watched their marital status for 5 years.

It turns out the intensity, pitch, “jitter,” and “shimmer” can indicate strong emotions. “What you say is not the only thing that matters, how you say it is also very important. Our study confirms that this holds for a couple’s relationship as well,” scientists say.

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