9 Top Internet Hacks To Simplify User Experience

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On the Internet, you can find thousands of websites with a lot of information. In fact, you can use some simple shortcuts and tools that will simplify your user experience. These internet hacks will make you have fun to get a lot of information and to use your computer better during your time browsing some information. Check out these useful tips so you can enjoy the Internet experience.

1. Google Calculator

You can use Google to search for any information that you want. This is the favorite search engine that will make you able to use it as a calculator, too. It is what you need because Google will make everything about math equation is easier. Just type in “Google Calculator” and you will see a calculator you can set the large. It will calculate and it works much faster compared to your calculator!

2. Google Conversion

Google also helps you to deal with conversion. For example, you want to know the conversion of 30 meters in feet. Google can give you the metric conversion charts, as well.

3. The K Button

Do you love to watch YouTube? Enjoying some videos there will never make you get bored because you can enjoy almost everything. You can even pause the video with your mouse or the space bar, but now you can try something different. For example, you can press the K button that will pause and restart the video on YouTube easily. That is unbelievable!

4. Internet Entertainment

Well, videos are not the only thing when it comes to entertainment. You can even try to play online gaming with a lot of options. You can play online games, gambling, and others.

5. Research instantly

It takes time to find the right website for research work and sometimes we don’t feel like browsing through endless amounts of information to read about one thing that we need to write a paper on. By pressing Ctrl and F at the same time you can easily search for what you need online and find it right away.

6. Definitions galore!

It’s good to learn a new word every day and you can easily get definitions for words that you don’t understand. Just type the word “define” along with the word you wish to look up (e.g. define hospitality) in Google, and you will receive an accurate definition, plus synonyms. If the synonyms the search has to offer aren’t good enough for you, try taking a look at an alternative online thesaurus resource.

7. Zooming

If you don’t have your glasses on hand and you would like to see what you are doing online, you can easily adjust the size of the text simply by pushing Ctrl and using the + or – button.

8. Remove cookies

Slow performance and endless loading periods are usually a result of cookie clutter in your browser. Simply clear them with your browser settings to get back to browsing more quickly.

9. Flight tracking

As mentioned at the start of the article, you can track flights with Google. Simply have the flight number ready and type it in the search engine box. You will instantly have all the information you need in order to keep track of your flight.