9 Spectacular Things to Do In Squamish BC

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Flying over the mountains with your pilot look at you and ask you whether you are ready to fly the plane or not. Once your hands on the control, you cannot believe that this is going to be your most spectacular experience in your lifetime. You can see the ocean, mountains, bays, and the chief with the hikers and rock climbers. Well, surely it is not going to be your last trip to Squamish BC.
#1 Flying A Plane

#1 Flying A Plane

There are two incredible things to get when you do this thing. First, if you have a big interest in learning to fly a plane, this is going to make your dreams come true. Second, you even can enjoy the spectacular views of Squamish and take the tour with Glacier Air.
Some travelers did the Garibaldi tour that flew them over the ancient lava flow, the glaciers, and the volcanic cinder cones. These spots are only available to access by air. Otherwise, you need to do multi-days of mountaineering trip. Flying a plane makes you able to see the Garibaldi Lake, the Diamond Head, the Sphinx Glacier, the Table Mountain, and others. The highlight was when your pilot let you fly the plane.
#2 Hiking The Chief

#2 Hiking The Chief

If you love to enjoy nature by hiking, this is one of the top choices to hike in the area. Eventually, it brings you to the top of the Chief. At the top, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Howe Sound, Mountain Ranges, and the Pacific Ocean. The three summits of the Chief are accessible. Also, you can enjoy the popular trail, The Sea to Sky trail that will bring you to the top of Shannon Falls. You should hike there as early as possible to avoid any crowds.
#3 Rock Climbing

#3 Rock Climbing

Squamish is so popular for its amazing trade routes along with bouldering. That is the main reason why people from all over the world especially outdoor enthusiasts love to visit this area. Once you visited there, the landscape will remind you of Yosemite. If you have more time, you should go a multi climb up to the Apron.
If you want to test your skills and learn about the new techniques, you should try for Arc’teryx. They have the Climbing Academy in Squamish program per year. Take the climbing photography course.

#3 Watch Both Sunrise and Sunset At The Squamish Spit

If you are so tired that you hope today you don’t want to hike but want to enjoy a beautiful view, go to the Spit. There, you will find a great view of Shannon Falls and the Chief. This is also the place for Squamish River to meet Howe Sound. Drive slowly because the road is bumpy.
#3 Watch Both Sunrise and Sunset At The Squamish Spit

#4  Breweries

There are three breweries available in Squamish and one distillery placed in the town. You can check out the beer at the Backcountry brewing, A-Frame Brewing, and Howe Sound Brewing. The alternative is to go to Gillespie’s Fine Spirits and Distillery for the spirit as long as craft cocktails.
#4  Breweries

#5 Kiteboarding Or Windsurfing

For kiteboarders and windsurfers, The Spit is the best choice. The wind makes great conditions. The area also offers a great place for spectators to hang out and watch. It is good to bring layers since the wind can come suddenly. If you want to enjoy the water, it is good to bring a wet or dry suit.

#6 Whitewater Rafting

Squamish offers whitewater rafting. There are two main rivers to choose which is The CHEAKAMUS River with the easier class one and two rapids for the whole family. Alternatively, you can choose Elaho-Squamish River for more challenging options for class three and class four rapids.

#7 Paddleboarding Or Kayaking

Kayaking is a nice way to get a workout. It also makes you able to explore the lakes, rivers, and oceanfront. You can try the early morning kayaking experience and complete your time with a nice cup of coffee in the end.

#8 Scuba Dive Or Snorkel

Once you come to Squamish, the Chief is the main attraction of the area. The surrounding mountains look so beautiful that can make you forget that you are next to the ocean. Squamish also offers the great scuba diving spot with the sunken ships, man-made reefs, and tons of marine life in the Howe Sound.

#9 Mountain Biking

Squamish is also popular as one of the top 25 wildest and the best place for mountain biking. You can even explore up to 125 miles of the single track. Whatever your skill level, there are some trails to explore.

Best Time To Visit Squamish

The most popular time to visit Squamish is in the summer. It is because the most consistent weather along with some events to watch and enjoy. It is better to book hotels in advance for weekdays and month advance for weekends. Spring and fall is the shoulder season to go there to enjoy the great weather with fewer crowds. The winter offers scenery changes and activities so you have to bring snow tires and tire chains.

Photography Tips

  • Bring long and wide lens to capture the massive views with the details of people climb, kayak, and others.
  • It is good to take a course on the rock climbing photography.

Where To Stay

You can stay at Executive Suites Hotel & Resort. Even each room has the kitchen to make you able to cook anything you want.

Pack List

If you have a plan to visit Squamish the next time, here is the pack list to handle:

  • Bug spray with tons of mosquitoes in July
  • A raincoat that you must prepare for any rain
  • Weather depends on the location. If you are in the Spit and mountain summits, the weather is windy. If you go to the other areas, commonly are warmer. We recommend you to bring layers.

So, do you have any plan to visit Squamish? There are many activities to do here. Which one is your best favorite activity? We hope your next trip will be unforgettable and run smoothly as you expect. Keep exploring!