9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

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From broken bones to fatigue, dairy can be the primary reason for some of your health problems. And you may have not even thought to blame milk. So, next time you’re preparing your shopping list, you may want to consider this.

We have listed the symptoms for you to review while considering your relationship with dairy. At the end of our article, don’t forget to go to your fridge for a little cleansing.

1. You feel tired most of the time

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

Milk contains opiate molecules which makes you feel asleep. But scientifically speaking, that doesn’t mean it’ll make you sleep well. Since it’s hard to digest, it tires your body out by trying to produce energy to break it down, which disrupts your sleep cycle. To sleep better, you can try eating tryptophan-rich fruits and vegetables like broccoli, sweet potatoes, bananas, or apples.

2. You have acne

Several studies show that skim milk increases the severity of acne among teenagers and young adults. According to other research, dairy can also be blamed. Having an influence on hormones like insulin and IGF-1, low-fat milk may be affecting your skin health negatively.

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