9 Secrets Hiding Behind Famous Logos

Many of the popular logos that we see almost every day have a mystic origin. In some logos, you can see the encrypted messages and symbols that were specifically made by designers in order to attract more attention to famous brands.

We decided to reveal all the secrets that the logos of world-famous companies are hiding.

1. This man is actually Frank Brown.

9 Secrets Hiding Behind Famous Logos

The famous brand of parboiled rice and other foods appeared on the American market back in 1943. And since 1946, the logo of the company has included a photo of an elderly black man with a bow tie whose prototype, according to one of the stories, is a Chicago maître d’hôtel named Frank Brown.

He was noticed by the owners of the company during their dinner in a Chicago hotel and they paid him some money for the rights to use his face as their trademark.

2. The logo of an electric car company and ovaries

9 Secrets Hiding Behind Famous Logos

Tesla Motors was founded in July 2004 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The name of the company is a tribute to the Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.

On social media, you can find several different opinions about the origin of the company’s logo. Some users believe that it was the female reproductive system that inspired the designers. And other people think that the logo is a cat nose, that even Elon Musk confirmed (jokingly) on Twitter.

But in fact, the logo shows a section of an electric engine that was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1883.

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