9 Popular Crafts You Must Try To Make Money At Home

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There are about 46% of millennial have flexible work hours. They can spend more time with their friends and enjoy their hobbies while they are making money even more than a salary. In this era, it is even very possible for you to start your home industry, make money at home. You can even use your living room as the best place to develop your hobbies. One of the promising businesses in today’s demand is crafting.

1. Forging

It is hard to believe that one of the archaic professions these days is blacksmithing. The forging is more than just to create rudimental tools and horseshoes. In fact, you can make money by creating a replica of famous movie weapons. Of course, many of us want to have Excalibur or Anduril to hang on the wall. Otherwise, you can have your studio and enter the modern art. Even if you have to prepare the basic blacksmithing tools and fund your business at first, it does not a big deal because there are still many ways to save your money.

2. Sewing

Unlike blacksmiths who are all but extinct, tailors are very numerous. If you are good at sewing and want to stand out from this bunch, you should put your efforts into some very niche market. Cosplayers are one of the first customers that pop into mind. Convention culture is growing more potent and ostentatious with each passing year. You need only to nail one or two spot-on costumes, and you will get tons of free social media promotion. Alternatively, you can narrow the focus exclusively on prestige items like hats, vests, corsets, and similar clothing pieces.

3. Knitting

Do you have enough knitting skills? It does not a big deal if you always knit but the result is ugly sweaters, ridiculous quotes, heavy metal lyrics, and inappropriate cartoon character. What you need to do is to explore more. You should extend your efforts to make more like scarves, hats, gloves, others. Knitting requires minimal investment and you will be much better by trying.

4. Woodworking

Somewhat easier than blacksmithing but still challenging to master, woodworking is a gorgeous and satisfying profession that can find an innumerable number of modern implementations. How successful you will depend exclusively on your will to practice and the niche you will eventually choose. Some of the more obvious choices are making unique furniture pieces, custom chess figures, wooden jewelry, baseball bats, weapon replicas, longbows, and other items. Here’s an interesting idea: Have you ever heard of NBC-inspired Minute to Win It games? You can put your twist on this concept and make something unique and cool.

5. Cosmetics

Although we usually associate the word “cosmetics” with more recent times, the origins of cosmetics go back to Ancient Egypt. Reaching back to these “old ways” can do nothing but help you more easily market your home-made products. Branding the products “eco-friendly” will make this already solid starting position even more favorable. What kind of goods can you make? The list is pretty extensive, and it includes soaps, facial creams, hand creams, deodorants, conditioners, shower gels, shaving gels, makeup, and essential oils. All of them are easy to handle and require only a small investment.

6. Leather

In its essence, leatherwork is very similar to sewing, but it opens a whole range of new possibilities. For a start, crafting leather is very compatible both with sewing and forging. If you are ready to explore multiple disciplines, you can end up with a better rounded and much more appealing offer (e.g. you can sell your sword replicas packed in beautifully-carved scabbards). If you want to go down a more traditional route, you can still have a lot of fun by making wallets, belts, straps, clothes, and hats. Finally, you can devote all of your efforts solely to carving.

7. Decoupage

Try to create something new in decoupage. Well, you can try to master this art without following the old path and the old style like floral motifs for the jewelry box. It would be great if you try to decoupage with house start wine case, case-like looking, and others. There are endless possibilities that would be out of the box. There is no rule that decoupage is all about floral motifs. Try to think outside and avoid the decoupage with boring and vintage floral box.

8. Flower Arrangement

Another craft that has its roots in ancient Egypt, flower arrangement is as casual as it gets. If you like growing plants, you will likely never notice that you are doing it for money. Unfortunately, that is the prime reason why you can count on ferocious competition. Once again, your greatest allies will be clever thinking, out-of-the-box designs, and a healthy amount of pop-culture awareness. For a start, your prime targets will be weddings and birthdays, but as soon as you successfully handle a couple of such events, you can start working your way into the bigger league (corporate events, national institutions, etc.).

9. Brewing Craft Beer

Craft beers have always had an excellent reputation amongst rabid bar crawlers. No matter how many craft beers you try, each one seems to have its own unique flavor. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of room for developing a business here. Starting your journey doesn’t require expensive brewing equipment. For the most part, you can get away with what you already have in your house, but if you want to advance to professional brewing systems, you should establish a very solid customer base and start reaching out to local pubs and restaurants as soon as possible.

While all these crafts are very different from each other, all have a few things in common. They require a lot of skill, passion, and endless hours of online promotion. If you are ready to pay these dues, you can develop a very creative, exciting, and fulfilling home business. Leave cubicles to the less ambitious. You are meant for something better.