9 Most Dangerous Ski Runs In The World That Make Your Jaw Drop

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For people who love challenging their adrenaline, doing normal skiing will be so boring. However, falling often will be considered as the risk which means you will not stop until you  reach the bottom. But if you think hardcore skiing means jumping down from some runs with 80 percent decline, you may want to consider these most dangerous ski runs in the world.

Corbet’s Couloir

corbets couloir
In North America, there is no better place for proving their mettle except the Corbet’s Couloir. The name of “Barry Corbet” came from a long-ago history that a mountaineer in 1960 spotted upside-down funnel which is now also popular as the Jackson Hole.
Located in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Barry Corbet has 10,450-foot height turning it as the most popular and scariest ski slop in North America. The free fall will be around 10-30 feet with 60 degrees slope. The sensation is absolutely mental.
We know how exciting to visit this place, but be sure to underline some warnings for safer skiing. In fact, the Corbet’s Couloir requires technical moves as well as good condition. The power is everything. Most importantly, the ski patrol will close the area when it is dangerous. So, the important thing is to be prepared.

La Grave, France

La Grave France
With its 10,500 feet, it is lucky for having the Electric cable car that brings the visitor in 40 minutes. The condition can be dangerous as there is no grooming, ski runs and also ski patrol. There are many skiers tried the extreme vertical drops which require experts skills. Besides, the route to the cable car is very challenging and difficult due to the icy and narrow area. Therefore, considering to try skiing another day is safer than taking a big risk for jumping down and broke the legs due to a slippery-icy slope.

Harakiri, Austria

Harakiri Austria
The term of Harakiri seems so related with its 78 percent incline making it the steepest slope. The “Harakiri” means suicide by the Samurai. So, be prepared for falling down without stopping until you reach the bottom.
The Harakiri is located in Mayrhofen ski resort, the most popular place for skiing in the world. This has sharp edges, which is great for ambitious skiers.  There is more to prepare apart from the piste-basher. It requires a clever approach.

Delirium Dive, Canada

Delirium Dive Canada
The Delirium Dive is firstly opened in 1998 and located in Sunshine Village, Banff, Canada. With its 50 degrees of pitch angle, 8,954-foot height and collection of rocks around the vertical drops, this puts the Delirium Dive as the most dangerous ski runs in the world. Besides, the run is so prone to an avalanche which means you have to pass it to make it more fun, yet terrifying for its intimidating features.

Body Bag, Colorado

Crested Butte Mountain Resort
The Body Bag is for the fearless people. It is located in the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Crested Butte, Colorado. Before you reach the 275 feet vertical drop with its 55 degrees, you will not be able to see the slope. With the double black diamond as the main difficulty, it is clear that the Body Bag is not for beginners.  Be careful with the trees, sloughed snows or probably the skeletons.

El Colorado, Chile

El Colorado Chile
Named as one of the most dangerous skis runs in the world, El Colorado is still friendly for the non-expert skiers with its different trails from easy, medium, difficult until the experts. However, this place has skiable 40 km terrain with its 22 ski slopes. It has 11 for the beginners, 4 for the intermediate levels, 3 for visitors with the advanced skill and also 4 for the experts.
Located in the region of Chile, this place offers an awesome 2,971 of vertical drops. The mountain is stunningly so big that will ruin your head which this might make you lost for thinking where you are. For freestyle skiers, the El Colorado might be worthy to be in your next list.

Christmas Chute, Alaska

Christmas Chute Alaska
North America has more to say when it comes to the ski runs. The Christmas Chute is the largest ski resort in Alaska with its 27 miles. Of course, this becomes the challenging ski resort with its 1,000 feet and 50 degrees pitch making it for the experts only. The difficulty is in the double diamonds slope which requires you to take chair 6 that brings you to 2,800 feet. The slope is very intimidating, icy and also narrow.
Besides, right at the top of the lift, you can see the Christmas and Nye Year’s Chutes. They are very narrow and steep.

The Streif, Austria

The Streif Austria
Besides “Harakiri”, Austria still has another dangerous ski run. This is the Steif in Kitzbuhel. It is very spectacular for having 5,462 feet, which is so terrifying and 27 percent of the gradient. Even you might reach up top 90 miles per hours. The best place to test your adrenaline.
Besides, this ski resort can be worse that can throw you up to 250 feet down the hill according to the Ski Racing Magazine that at that time Hank Mckee was injured due to an accident in the Hahnenkamm Downhill.

The Lauberhorn, Switzerland

The Lauberhorn Switzerland
This is the place where the Lauberhorn race held with the 8,110-foot. Also, the Laubernhorn is popular as the longest one in the world with its 2.77 miles. For the expert skiers, to reach the 100 mph will take around 2,5 minutes only, making it the fastest circuit in the world. Of course, this numbers put this ski resort as the most dangerous one in the world as this always makes the racer feel exhausted for its difficult challenge. Even, there was a skier bled to death in last 1991, Gernot Reinstadler.
Indeed, it is always cool to challenge the adrenaline, but the list above is for the experts only who love taking the risk. Otherwise, there might be many victims die in vain for not being well-prepared. The avalanche might happen any time that this requires you to pass through it. Indeed, it is fun and challenging, but the risk is your responsibility.