9 Etiquette Rules That Any Modern Lady Needs to Know

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In the past, there were strict rules of etiquette that people were supposed to follow. But in modern society, these lines have been blurred, and the rules of behavior have been changed. But still, there are some details that can reveal a true lady.

We are convinced that good manners are not just for queens and princesses. And there are certain tricks connected to appearance, behavior, and even text messages that will help you behave like royalty.

1. Don’t lean back in your chair.

9 Etiquette Rules That Any Modern Lady Needs to Know

If a lady sits at a table, she’s supposed to sit in the middle of the chair. It’s very important to leave some space between the chair and your back. This body position corresponds to the so-called pose of the duchess. You should sit straight but freely, and the space between your body and the edge of the table should be equal to the distance between your wrist and your fingertips. Besides, a lady can be spotted by her posture — if you lean on the back of the chair all the time, you can forget about a straight back.

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