8 Very Personal Secrets That Your Fingerprints Might Reveal About You

#3: Hill Prints

Hill fingerprint

Hill prints, sometimes called arch prints, are lines that change from being mostly horizontal, to developing a slight bump in the middle.

This fingerprint belongs to someone with an analytical and cautious mind, who doesn’t leap into anything easily.

Still, that cautious exterior hides the heart of a true romantic; this is a person who is faithful and devoted to the people in their life.

#4: Peak Prints

Peak fingerprint

This type of print looks a lot like the hill print mentioned above, but with one major difference: it starts as a sharp point and evolves into a gentle slope.

That’s also a good way of describing the accompanying personality type. Those with peak prints tend to struggle with a lot of anxiety, and can seem rude or harsh to people.

However, they’re also people who are constantly working on themselves, and have a knack for finding strategies that help them mellow out with the people  they care about.

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