8 Tips From Neuroscientists on How to Become Perfectly Happy

Don’t keep things pent up: talk about what bothers you.

8 Tips From Neuroscientists on How to Become Perfectly Happy

What happens: The processes of wordlessly going through something unpleasant and talking about your predicament involve making use of different parts of the brain. In the latter case, negative emotions have a lesser impact on your well-being. It is, therefore, advisable not to keep your problems pent up. Whenever you talk about them, your brain triggers the production of serotonin and even manages to find some positive sides to the situation.

Touch and embrace.

8 Tips From Neuroscientists on How to Become Perfectly Happy

What happens: To us, humans, social interaction is really important. Various forms of physical support, especially touches and embraces, can speed up a person’s recovery after an illness. If you remove tactile interaction from your life, the brain perceives its absence the way it perceives physical pain: the same brain zones become activated in both instances. This, in turn, triggers the processes that affect your mood and contribute to the development of depression.

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