8 Most Terrible Animals That Live In The Desert

8 Most Terrible Animals That Live In The Desert

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4. Horned Rattlesnake

It seems that these terrible reptiles are harmless at first. But it is important to know that rattlesnake venom can cause severe damage to red blood cells. Ingesting hemotoxins can be fatal. Today this venomous snake is an endangered species, which is no fun.

5. Yellow Scorpion

Living in the Sahara desert, yellow scorpions use their neurotoxins to destroy anyone they come across. Despite the fact that healthy adults will only experience intense pain from the sting, for children and the elderly, these encounters can end badly.

6. African ostrich

Maybe you don’t think the ostrich is scary, but it turns what you encounter with one face into a beak. It is one of the fastest animals on Earth, capable of running at a speed of 70 km / h, which means you will not run away. But despite his speed, he has excellent hearing and eyesight, and can bravely fight predators with his powerful legs.

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