8 Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy Home Can Reveal About Us

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3. They have a messy workspace.

8 Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy Home Can Reveal About Us

The workspace is one of the most interesting spots in the apartment in terms of psychology. Some people sort everything into folders and put the folders on shelves. Others mix everything up. All the papers, pens, plates, pencils, laptops: these things take up space and are covered with dust. This can indicate high self-esteem and immaturity.

Even if your desk is messy, you can still actively work there and can easily find anything you need. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Very often, a messy desk is an indicator of a creative and inventive personality.

If you often have to do other things besides typing (for example hand write something, draw, or something else), there is a high probability that your workplace doesn’t look very clean. But on the other hand, it is probable that you often have unusual and creative ideas.

4. They have a full sink, laundry basket, or trash can.

8 Hidden Psychological Problems a Messy Home Can Reveal About Us

Very few people can say that they love cleaning. But some people hate it so much that it actually becomes scary: they collect all the trash on their balcony during the winter or put all the dirty dishes in the sink until they realize that they have no clean dishes left.

Procrastination is a problem that a lot of people have to deal with. It often occurs in our everyday tasks. And it seems that it is far more logical to do a little work regularly, instead of doing a lot. But in fact, people use excuses like, “I’m lazy,” “I have no time now,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” If you’ve noticed that you sometimes procrastinate, try to start with small things. Do your dishes right after you eat, take out the trash every day — this forms the healthy habit of doing everything on time. You will need this habit in more important parts of your life like work or relationships with other people.

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