8 Fun And Easy Ways To Make A Beautiful Easter Egg Tree

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Do you know the meaning of Easter egg? It is the sign of a new life. In some countries, it is the tradition for centuries. This holiday tradition is from Germany. There, it is common for many houses to decorate the tree this way during the season. In addition, the tradition is so popular in other countries with different ways to create the Easter tree. If you want to do so, you can try these fun and easy plans.

1. Real trees

Nothing says Easter like an Easter tree in the garden or front porch. Hang as many painted eggs and ornaments as you want, but make sure branches are sturdy enough to support them. You can use ribbons or florist wire to secure them in place.

2. Potted plants

If you don’t have a tree, you can use potted plants or topiaries to make an Easter egg tree. Take two potted plants (preferably taller ones), hang your decorated eggs on the branches, and place one on each side of your front door for a welcoming Easter display.

3. Watering can

Grab your old watering can and stick in some dried branches and twigs. If the arrangement is wobbly, you can use sand, floral foam, or pebbles to keep the branches steady. Once they’re secure, you can start decorating your “tree.”

4. Glass Vase

What you need are many pussy willows. You can find it at your local flower shop and then arrange them in a beautiful clear glass vase. To make this DIY tree decoration, you will need a mix of the pre-painted eggs and some ones you have dyed and painted at home. After that, attach the buttons and the ribbons to the eggs by using a hot glue gun. If you cannot find pussy willows, you can still use grapevine or dried branches as well as twigs. Keep them in place by filling the vase with water pearls for halfway. Other than that, you can use jelly fillers. Tie a bow around the vase to give a beautiful look. Hurricane bowls, as well as mason jars, are also perfect for this project.

5. Galvanized bucket or pail

This Easter tree how-to from Martha Stewart requires an ice bucket, branches, floral foam to keep the branches in place, and decorated eggs. You can add grass to make it look like the branches sprouted from the ground.

6. Planter Pots

If you’re into gardening, you probably have a few empty planter pots lying around. To keep with the Easter theme, paint the pot and eggs in pastel hues. Light pink, baby blue, and lilac look well together, but it’s up to you which colors to choose. This would look fantastic on your fireplace mantel or console table.

7. Cupcake stand

Take out your cupcake stand from storage and clean it. Use wheat straws to make a bed before placing the Easter eggs on top, making it as sparse or as filled as you want. If you don’t have a cupcake stand, a tiered cake stand works just as well!

8. Ornament stand

So far, this is the simplest Easter tree that you only have to clean up the ornament stand and then decorate it. What you should use is as many eggs and ornaments as you have to create a full look. Well, you can make it fancier by placing ornaments stand inside of a pot. After that, fill it with grass or mulch. Finalize this decor by hanging the Easter egg. It is also possible to set it on the top of the wooden stump and make it as the centerpiece for your table.
These are just some of the ways you can make your own Easter egg tree. Sure, you can just decorate your outdoor tree, but why stop there? With a little creativity and some imagination, the possibilities are simply endless!