8 Diseases That Affect Men and Women Differently

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Although men and women can have the same diseases with similar symptoms, some of these diseases affect them differently. Women can even feel more symptoms sometimes and some diseases can affect men more severely. This is also one of the reasons why their life span is different with women’s being slightly longer.

We will now let you know about 8 diseases that affect men and women in different ways.

1. Hair loss

8 Diseases That Affect Men and Women Differently

Men are more likely to lose hair when getting older than women. Men lose hair in the same pattern, as their headline goes farther and farther back. They may also lose hair to the point they have a large bald spot. This happens because men’s testosterone has a bigger impact on their hair. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone, which is a hormone that helps the hair get shorter and thinner.

Men’s hair loss can start in their 20s. With women, it may not be noticeable until their 50s or 60s and women’s hair loss has more to do with genes or medical conditions.

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