8 Cleaning Mistakes That Totally Undermine Your Efforts

While cleaning our home, how often do we think about cleaning things that don’t look dirty? But if we ignore certain places on a regular basis, harmful bacteria can live and grow there, and they will affect our health.

We made up a list of certain mistakes we make during cleaning which can completely undermine all of your effort.

1. We don’t clean our washing machine.

8 Cleaning Mistakes That Totally Undermine Your Efforts

A dirty washing machine is dangerous because it causes the spread of bacteria and mold spores on your clothes. It is harmful for both healthy people and people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

The particles of dirt can stay inside the drum, and inside the detergent and softener compartments. Experts recommend cleaning your washing machine once every 2 weeks. Run a wash cycle without any clothes in your washing machine at the highest temperature possible with bleach or citric acid. Another way to disinfect it is to wash your kitchen cotton towels with 100 ml of bleach.

Wash the compartments of the washing machine with the same regularity and don’t forget to dry the drum between the cycles. It’s very difficult to remove mold spots after they’ve already affected the door seal.

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