7 Things that are made in China and contain harmful substances

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China is the growing superpower of the world and one of the few countries to whom the US owes money. But it is also famous for its products from electronics to food that is made on huge scale and is usually of poor quality. But you will not believe the food that is exported out of China is not only bad in quality but can also cause cancer. Check out the 7 food that you should not eat if it comes from China.

1 Tilapia Fish

China is perhaps one of the biggest exporters of tilapia fish. It is also the largest farmable fish in China and is farmed by most Chinese people. However the fish is considered a bottom feeder and eats almost anything in the water. When farmed in the small pool of water with many other fishes, it usually feeds on whatever it gets in that area. Even the local Chinese fish farmers do not eat this fish nor allow any family members to consume it. But America imports 80% of this fish from China.

Tilapia Fish

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2 Apple Juice

Chinese apple juice has flooded the supermarkets in US and 50% of the apple juice sold in any shop in US comes from Chinese farms. However China is known to spray copious amounts of pesticides and since it is the largest pesticide producing country in the world, they are pretty liberal in using it also. Also fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar and should be mixed with vegetable juice to make it healthier.

Apple Juice

3 Black Pepper

A vendor in China was caught selling black mud as grounded black pepper in US and flour as white pepper. Since China has lax food safety laws, vendors take advantage of a lax system and exploit it to the max. Such things when exported to other nations like US mean that people will eat them and get sick and that is something no one wants. So check yourself before buying imported stuff.

 Black Pepper

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4 Mushrooms

Producers of mushrooms in China have resorted to making processed mushrooms which are then labeled as organic and sold at high profits as in US organic food is sold at higher price than processed foods.34% of mushrooms from China are fake. So do your due diligence before buying anything in the supermarket or better trust your local farmers market and spend your money wisely.


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5 Rice

Recently there was a huge scandal exposed where it was found that exporters from China are flooding the markets of other countries with extremely good quality cheap rice. Rice is something of a staple food in China and other Asian countries and even in US lots of people eat rice. But this cheap rice was later exposed to be made of plastic. Yes!! China was exporting fake plastic rice made from synthetic resin and potatoes. This rice didn’t cook properly and even caught fire when it was burned.

Chinese Rice

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6 Chicken

It was in the year 2013, when the US Department of Agriculture approved the sale of chicken from China in US markets. However a strict eye is kept on the quality of these chickens coming from China where diseases like avian flu and food borne illnesses are common and little to no care is taken while killing and packing the birds. Plus the excessive use of pesticide in everything also affects food including chicken.


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7 Green Peas

Peas made from soy, snow peas and then colored green using dye was introduced in US markets in 2005. These peas were preserved by a chemical known as sodium metabisulfite which is highly toxic for human consumption. The dye is also capable of causing cancer in humans on consumption and stop the body from absorbing calcium.

  Green Peas

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