7 Summer Outdoor Hacks To Stay Health On Trail

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Summer offers you nice weather, great views, and no muddy trail that makes it perfect to spend your time to enjoy some outdoor hikes. Whether you want to do rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and anything, it is important to concern on your outdoor preparation and physical condition. It is not funny at all when other fellows found you fainted on the trail just because you have no more food, snacks, and water. Here are some best things to do to stay healthy on the trail in the summer.
1. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

This is the first prior. When you are about hiking and you are out, make sure that you do not only bring some water, but also drink enough water. If you carry a collapsible soft bottle, it makes you easily carry water because you can pack it away into a pocket. In addition, it is important to drink more water if you are in the dryer climate than you are used to.


Doing any activities outside your home means you are traveling in some spots that you never know about the situation. Remember that physically and mentally, you cannot do many things when you are starving. If you have a plan to go out all day, it is better to pack snacks. It makes you feel better when you find them in your packs. Snacks can be helpful when you get lost on hikes. Soylent can be the best choice. Soylent is a meal in the bottle with all the nutrients you need. It provides 400 kcal with no excess unhealthy parts of the meal and it tastes like soy milk and cheerios.

Please Always Apply and Reapply Sunblock

The most common injuries happen when you enjoy the outdoor activity is sunburnt. Usually, you apply sunblock beforehand but sometimes we ignore to reapply it when we are in a break.  Bad burn can ruin the rest of your trip that makes you cannot hide from the sun. Most sunblocks suggest you reapplying them for every couple of hours. If you are swimming or sweating, reapply sunblocks more frequently. While you are swimming, it is great to use coral safe sunscreen so you are not damaging the marine life.
Please Always Apply and Reapply Sunblock

Dress In Layers

You may say that you have a plan to go out in the summer, but it is important to remember that the temperatures can drop at night. The best effort to do is to take one extra layer at least. It is a must for outdoor enthusiasts to have few layers in different colors and various weights.

Vitamin C

Gummy multi-vitamins are great just like candy. Going outdoors means you have to deal with some conditions like the crowded place, trapped on the airplane with the sick passengers or anything so taking vitamin C can be the best way to give an extra boost to your immune system. There will be no more problems with your health after every trip.

Hand Sanitizer/ Baby Wipes

It sounds you are a bit OCD but it is a must to carry hand sanitizer as well as baby wipes for many occasions on the different trails. You do not want to end up camping with the bathroom that does not provide soap. Hand sanitizer and baby wipes help you more if you are out and you need to clean something off quickly.

Prevent Bugs

Whether you are in a hotel, hostel, or rent an apartment to complete your outdoor travel, unwanted hitchhikers are the real matter. You should find the best product that will detect the presence of the bugs in the first beginning. You do not want the bed bugs to become the trending topic to talk with your partner when you are getting outside and planning some beautiful spots to visit.
You can use this product as the image here to deal with bedbugs. Place them on the cushions, near the foot of the bed, between the mattress and near the headboard. Even if you think that your hotels have no bed bugs around, always bring it since you will never know when you will meet them. It is all about the early detection to enjoy your travel.
7. Prevent Bugs

Bed Bugs Based On Travelers’ Experience:

Pests in the summer travel are what we always think more. The bad fact is that the bugs can bite in all year round. They are not only coming in the summer but also in the winter. Therefore, you should keep your eyes out for bed bugs.
Talking about bed bugs, they can survive if they have enough food. Their food is human or animal blood. In each of their life stage, they have to bite their host for blood so they can survive.
In addition, bed bugs love to stay and hide in the darkest places but still near the host. The common spots to hide are the seams of a mattress, box springs, untreated wood, and the corners of the bed frame. You can even find them in the electrical outlets, desk chairs, and picture frames.
Based on the recent survey by Raid®, there are more than half of Americans living in the urban areas and they have experienced the bed bug infestation or know someone who has. Nevertheless, there are more than half of urbanites do not check bed bugs in their houses regularly.
Bed Bugs Based On Travelers' Experience:
Meanwhile, about 54% of Americans believe that bed bugs stay primarily in the warm climates. The fact is that bed bugs can live well in any climates. Urban areas are the most susceptible since travel and apartment living makes them spread easily.
There are three out of four Millennials who always check their mattress or bed for bed bugs during traveling, but only 37% check the headboard. We hope that you check out more spots.
So, do you have a plan to go this summer? Do you have any specific tips to enjoy your summer trip? What do you always do to deal with bugs? We hope that these hacks can be the best way to make your outdoor time is more interesting than ever.
7. Prevent Bugs