7 Steps to Deal With a Child Who Talks Back, Like a Parenting Ninja

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Your kid has always been an angelic person, but suddenly you’ve started to notice that there has been a breakdown in communication. Children might start to talk back in an inappropriate manner and even begin rolling their eyes. Yes, it feels heartbreaking, but parents can find the way out and manage these situations properly in order to build healthy relationships with their kids.

We know how crucial it is to maintain respect in the family and we would like to highlight these 7 steps for how to behave when your child talks back, according to experts.

Step 1: Avoid responding in the same tone.

7 Steps to Deal With a Child Who Talks Back, Like a Parenting Ninja

Yes, it’s difficult to stay calm sometimes when your child talks back, but it’s important to monitor your own language. You should try to be the example of how to show respect. Yelling, screaming, or bad words shouldn’t awake the Hulk in you.

At the same time, don’t let your child keep talking back to you. Establish guidelines for expected behavior. React when you hear words like: “Fine,” “Yeah, right,” “Give me a break,” “Whatever.” Tell your child that this reaction needs to stop and give them a chance to correct their behavior. Don’t use such sentences like, “Don’t say it,” and kneel down at your child’s eye level when you talk to them.

Step 2: Try to understand the problem they’re having.

7 Steps to Deal With a Child Who Talks Back, Like a Parenting Ninja

Never forget that your child is still learning how to control their behavior and that sometimes they don’t know how to cope with problems. So, it’s normal when they show a lack of patience. After setting limits when it comes to their tone, try to understand what problem they have. Often when a child talks back, they are expressing anger, frustration, hurt, or fear.

Be sure you spend at least 15 minutes alone with each child every day, giving them your focused, positive attention. Try to understand their needs, hopes, and dreams. Maybe your child is interested in studying the universe and you’ve never taken them to a planetarium.

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