7 Smart Packing Hacks For Overnight Backpacking Trip

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Life is incomplete if you cannot sleep outside. You just want to escape, find the best unforgettable way out of our busy world. One night in the backcountry is enough for you. Your friend invites you to be his partner for his overnight backpacking trip. You want to go but the biggest problem is you don’t even have any ideas what things to pack for your overnight trip.
Even you admit that the gear should not be the real matter to stop your adventure in the next time. It is fine for now. You can use the questions and tips below to pack and enjoy your quick overnight trip in the backcountry with no packing issues anymore.Have you checked the weather?

1. Have you checked the weather?

Don’t skip this.
A quick weather check is what you need. It is so crucial to helping you decide what things to bring for your backcountry trip. You can call a ranger to find the weather information. The weather in the backcountry is also unpredictable in some trails as well. Therefore, you should check the weather changes in the location you want to visit. Besides, it is good to know about how cold it is going at night. It is much better if you also spend a little time to check the chance of the rain showers.
For this point, it is the first prior. Always check the weather since it is all about your safety. Skip checking it may put you in a dangerous situation.

2. Do you have your basics?

Your basics are a backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and shelter. Do you have them all? If so, it is great! If not, you should call someone you can expect to borrow their gear. Gather the items up as soon as possible and make sure that your bag is warm enough. Keep in mind that you should check the shelter is great enough to deal with the weather.

Have you checked the mileage and the terrain?

3. Have you checked the mileage and the terrain?

You will be hiking on the trail you chose. Therefore, before choosing the trail, you should check the length you will be hiking and the terrain it will be. Are you going to hike with 30 lbs on the back for eight hours up and down a mountain? Are you going to hike three miles and enjoy a flat lake? Well, the questions here are quite different. Therefore, you should check out to make sure whether you can prepare everything mentally and prepare the amount of food to pack.

4. How many meals you should bring?

For an overnighter, it is good to keep food simple. You have to figure out about how many and which meals you will need. Before considering this part, you should check your fridge as well as your pantry first. In this case, you can make two PB&J sandwiches instantly and eat one for about 30 minutes before heading to the trail so you are full and ready to go. Once you head to the trailhead, you can stop at a store and grab a few bars, a burrito, and a bag of candy. Candy and bars are the great trail snacks and complete your dinner with the burrito. For breakfast, take other PB&J or a bar is enough. Keep in mind that you are going out for a night. In other words, you don’t even need a stove, cleaning, and dishes. It is all about no-cook easy meals to enjoy your adventure.
What clothes you will need?

5. What clothes you will need?

Talking about clothes for your overnight trip in the backcountry, it depends on the first question. It is important to bring clothes that can keep you warm and dry at the trailhead, yet cold and snowy in the backcountry. Here, you should pack a puffy jacket, an extra pair of warm socks for your camp and beanie. Do you think that there is a big chance of rain? If so, you should pack a rain jacket as well as pants. In addition, it is unnecessary to bring a change of clothes to wear when you want to hike back to your car. It does not a matter to wear the same clothes both days.

6. Have you checked the usual suspects?

Don’t skip this one.
Unprepared backpacking trip will bring you to the bad luck situations. Therefore, you should not leave your home without bringing your regulars even if for one night. If you are ready to go for your backpacking trip, you should bring some important gear like toiletries, small first aid kit, water purification system, basic survival gear, bear-related gear in a case that you are visiting a bear country, headlamp and a poop kit.
You should check the batteries of your headlamp to make sure that it functions properly.

7. What will you do if you forgot something?

Forgive it, it is okay. It is just one night and doesn’t take it too seriously. You are already there and it is the time to have fun.
We just hope that you did not forget anything major like your sleeping bag. Keep in mind that it is fine to forget something for your backpacking trip since you will be at home in just 24 hours or less. So, relax, and enjoy your experience.
Those are all things you should know and should ask your own self when it is all about backpacking at night. It is also more interesting to check the review from the previous backpackers when you are about backpacking on a certain trail. They can even tell you about what is the most important gear to bring. They also inform you about the terrain and the best season to visit the trail. Their experience, for sure, can be your best teacher.
Once you can plan everything about your overnight backpacking properly in your pack, you cannot believe it that you can reach the place you want. It is hard to believe that you are finally there. Always learn from your mistake is one of the important points so you always can make your trip is better. Take your time and enjoy your day!
What will you do if you forgot something?