7 Simple Faults That Are Killing Your Power - Golf For Beginners

7 Simple Faults That Are Killing Your Power – Golf For Beginners

3 Rotation

When it comes to body rotation in the golf swing the simple principle is that your upper body should turn by around 90˚ while your hips only rotate by around 45˚. The difference between these two angles creates torque which then adds speed to your downswing. A great way to tell whether you are creating power is to swing to the top and hold this position for a few seconds. If you are doing it correctly, this should feel uncomfortable and you will notice how much effort is required to hold this position.

7 simple faults that are killing your powerLook at the extent of Dustin Johnson’s shoulder rotation here and how his hips do not turn as much. This is an incredibly powerful position. Dustin Johnson is using the TaylorMade M5 10.5˚ driver with weight moved into the toe to help promote a fade.

4 Extension

We have already mentioned the need for retaining the angle in your wrists for as long as possible in the downswing. However, just before impact you should release the angle in your wrists and let your arms fully extend through the ball, as Tiger Woods is doing here. For many amateurs, power is lost as they retain the bend in their left elbow. This is often called a ‘chicken wing.’

In 2019, Tiger Woods is using both the TaylorMade M5 driver and 3-wood. Last year’s M3 was the first time Tiger had used an adjustable driver and he has already tweaked the weights in the head of the M5 to dial in his performance.

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