7 Simple Faults That Are Killing Your Power - Golf For Beginners

7 Simple Faults That Are Killing Your Power – Golf For Beginners

Struggling with a lack of distance off the tee? Here are the 7 simple faults that are killing your power:

1 Casting

Have you ever wondered why many of the world’s best players seem able to generate power without exerting too much effort? Your wrists are the key element here in creating, storing and then unleashing speed at the key moment. Your wrists will naturally hinge in the backswing and then you need to hold this angle for as long as possible in the downswing.

When you get it right, this is called ‘lag’ and it can make a huge difference to your clubhead speed. Conversely, ‘casting’ is when you lose the angle in your wrists too early – releasing it at the start of the downswing. This simple fault will throw away speed before the most important part of the swing.

2 Reverse pivot

The way in which you shift your weight during the golf swing has a huge impact on both power and accuracy. Just like you would if you were hitting a tennis shot, your weight should be moving towards the target through impact. However, for many golfers, their desire to help the ball into the air with their driver means their weight falls onto the back foot through the downswing.

This is called a reverse pivot and will kill your power and often causes a slice. If this is a problem for you, try a practice drill that involves stepping towards the target through impact. This forces your weight to work in the right direction through the swing.

7 simple faults that are killing your powerTaylorMade’s M5 and M6 drivers both feature ‘Injected Twist Face.’ This is a design feature (that involves injecting resin into two channels in the face, represented by the Blood Orange screws) that ensures every driver that is made is at the limit for ball speed set by golf’s ruling bodies. It should help every golfer, no matter what handicap, achieve their ball speed potential.

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