7 Phone Habits That Are Damaging for Any Relationship

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The role that smartphones play in our life is huge given that the average person spends over four hours a day on their device. It’s not a surprise that your phone has a huge influence on many aspects of your life and your relationship is no exception.

We understand the importance of phone habits and found some that could be damaging your relationship.

1. Not showing your partner what you’re smiling at

7 Phone Habits That Are Damaging for Any Relationship

It makes people feel awkward and miserable when their partner is present with them physically, but is enjoying something on their smartphone. In addition, your partner might start feeling insecure and jealous if you’re smiling at something on your phone.

However, the situation can be changed easily if you just share what are you laughing at with your partner. A recent study confirmed that couples that laugh together, stay together longer, so don’t be so ignorant and share what you like with your loved one.

2. Always carrying your phone with you

7 Phone Habits That Are Damaging for Any Relationship

We’ve all done it, when leaving a room we take our smartphone with us for absolutely no reason. Sometimes it feels like it’s glued to our hands. This habit has several consequences, the first of which is that your partner might feel like you’re hiding something, resulting in a lack of trust, jealousy, and increased tension between the 2 of you.

Second, if you always have a phone with you, you’re likely to respond to notifications immediately, forgetting about the real world and your partner, who’s physically waiting for you. Instead of spending time with those who matter the most, you’re always distracted — checking what’s happening on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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