7 Must-Do Hikes Within 90 Minutes In Portland

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You can find a lot of beautiful place in Oregon. The state is different from others because it different climate ranges from the dry desserts to the dense forests. For this reason, Portland is the wonderful destination for the outdoor enthusiasts. Portland is a great place to visit from the Mount Hood and Columbia River Gorge. You can use this guide to discover the great hikes after work. Best of all, the places are great for a family that you only take 90 minutes to arrive!

1. Wahclella Falls

The roundtrip hike is so easy and quick with 2 miles to deal with. It only requires 1 to 2 hours with the little bit of elevation gain. The accessibility is the highlight because the trailhead is so easy to find and the hike is quite short that you can go back to your car and do the next hike. This is an excellent choice if you take another hike near this area because the flat trail is the answer.
Pack list:
Water-long or short, matches, $5 cash for parking in the Northwest Pass, good camera, headlamp, sandwich, sunnies
The out-and-back trail and 2-miles of the trip make it great for beginners to visit in any season. You can do a few things like hiking and photography.

2. Eagle Creek

This hike is great if you want the best thing for your money. It is awesome that you can walk next to the river with the amazing view of many waterfalls. If you take a shorter hike, it is good to go to Punchbowl Falls that requires 3.8 miles of the round trip.
On the other hands, if you take the long trek, go and hike to Tunnel Falls that offers 12.0 miles of distance. The choice is great for a day trip. The last option is to head to the Wahtum Lake that takes 26.5 miles loop for the whole weekend that is away from everything!
Pack list:
$5 for parking and $30 for a Northwest Pass, water – long or short, matches, poler excursion pack and insert, camera, headlamp, sandwich, sunnies, suit for a summer trip
4 miles of distance with 500 feet of elevation gain make the trip is great for a beginner. You can enjoy hiking and photography, as well.

3. Trail of Ten Falls

Doing the whole loop takes 8.7 miles of distance and there will be 10 different waterfalls to see. Besides, the trail even brings you behind few falls. There is a section of the hike with many trailhead options. What you should do is choosing the length of your hiking adventure.
Pack list:
$ 5-day use parking fee, running or hiking shoes, a water-resistant bag to protect your gear and camera, water, snacks, camera, camping gear
With the loop trail, the destination is perfect for beginners to hike and take some pictures in any season.

4. Oneonta Gorge

Oneonta Gorge offers something different from any hike you have done in the previous trip. There, you should bring some swim shorts and some water shoes. The hike will bring you to the river after 6 miles of a round trip to the waterfall. It is a must to get there and enjoy the water. Don’t go there if you don’t want to get wet, that we believe you can beat this thing happens. The best season to come to the point is in summer.
Pack list:
Good waterproof shoes, clothes, towel for swimming and drying off, change of clothes
1 mile of distance with photography, hiking, and swimming as your activities. The area is great for intermediate hikers to visit in spring, summer, and autumn.

5. Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain

Do you need an excellent day to hike at the mountain? This is the right option to go for! You can hike up to the incredible views of Mount Hood, even to pass a lake. The hike is about 5.8 miles round trip and during the winter, the hike is full of snow. Therefore, it is great if you hike with snowshoes.
Pack list:
Water, boots, map, and picnic supplies
There are some activities to do such as hiking, backpacking, and snowshoeing, swimming, running, photography, camping, and chilling
The destination is great for beginners in autumn, summer, and spring

6. Falls Creek Falls

This is the incredible place for everyone to see. The falls are massive with a three-tier look at 250 feet. Besides, it is easy to hike there because you will pass to the round trip at 6.2 miles of distance. The hike is so exceptional especially for the kids because there are no spots too steep.
Pack list:
Camera, tripod, hiking boots, and trekking poles
With 4 miles of distance and 800 feet of elevation gain, you can do some great activities such as hiking and photography. The trip is great for beginners to visit in any season.

7. Tamanawas Falls

This is one of the amazing places to visit in any time of the year. If you explore the area in the winter, you will enjoy the deep snow with some parts are frozen. Therefore, you should bring some snowshoes if you hike in the winter. The hike will bring you through the amazing woods of the Mount Hood National Forest and cross to the river several times. The short hikes are moderate with 3.6 miles of the round trip. Therefore, the area is great for skiing and snowboarding at the mountain.
Pack list:
Hiking boots, camera, water, and NW forest pass
With 590 feet of elevation gain, you should try for hiking and taking some photos there. Since the trail is easy, it is even great for beginners to explore the area.
We are sure to tell you that Oregon is the incredible place to visit. There are many areas to hike with amazing views and sadly, we cannot include them all in this list. These hikes are the top option and it is worth to explore these areas for your next hike. Exploring these areas will make you able to find your most favorite experience. Keep hiking and enjoy the adventure!