7 Critical Parts of Our Bodies and How to Take Care of Them

Neglecting to wash and take care of some parts of our body can lead to serious health problems. If we don’t wash our hands, we can end up with respiratory diseases and diarrhea. Besides that, there are other body parts that require better hygiene than we thought.

We respect human nature and want to present a compilation of important parts of our body that we may not be treating the right way.

1. Your belly button hides more bacteria than you think.

7 Critical Parts of Our Bodies and How to Take Care of Them

Try to analyze now how often you clean your belly button. In reality, it probably stays dirty even after showering. It may be a bit scary to hear this, but researchers say that there are 67 different types of bacteria in the average belly button.

How to take care of it:

  1. Try to clean it at least once a week.
  2. Use a cotton swab to clean your belly button. Dip it in rubbing alcohol and gently rub the surfaces inside. Use a fresh cotton pad dipped in water to rinse the alcohol out.

2. Your cuticles don’t need to be cut

7 Critical Parts of Our Bodies and How to Take Care of Them

It seems like a great idea to cut your cuticles and get the perfect manicure, but the main idea here is that your cuticles are there for a reason. They are a protection for your nails. If you don’t have them, you get white spots or white lines on your nails. And in addition, the more you cut them, the more they split off.

How to take care of them:

  1. Use a wooden orange stick and push your cuticles back gently to make your nails look longer.
  2. Moisturize your cuticles to keep them from looking dry.
  3. Ask your manicurist to be gentle with this part of your nails.
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