7 Cleaning Systems That Can Save You a Ton of Time

“Lazy” cleaning, “fire method”, or “destroying evidence” — all these things are the names of different tidying methods that are supposed to simplify this unpleasant act that everyone has to do. But the best thing is that these methods really work and their creators explain in detail how to use them the right way.

We will tell you about the most effective tidying methods and their most interesting principles. Some of them will help you to rid your place of the things you don’t need and others will help to solve small, everyday tasks. Maybe, based on these methods, you will be able to invent your own cleaning method!

1. Japanese method: “Just in case…”

7 Cleaning Systems That Can Save You a Ton of Time

At the base of Marie Kondo’s method, there is your own picture of a perfect house. Even if it’s a rented apartment or house that you don’t like for some reason, you can still make it as comfortable as possible.

  • Don’t start cleaning up before you throw away all the things you don’t need. The ritual of getting rid of stuff should be done at least every 1.5 to 2 months.
  • Try to estimate everything in terms of the comfort it gives you. You will definitely not need the things that are in the deepest corners of your wardrobe that only give you good memories. Thinking you should keep it “just in case” is never wise, so make decisions faster and don’t hold onto stuff.
  • Don’t measure memories with things because the memories won’t disappear if you throw away an old plate, a dress you used to wear many years ago, tickets to the concert of your favorite singer or an old grandfather’s frame.
  • Sort things not according to the room but rather, according to the category.
  • Don’t make your drawers too full! Things that are not seen as often are never used, so give them some room.
  • Keep things in a way so you can see them well. For example, if it’s in a cabinet, put the stuff in vertically.
  • Create a “place of power”. In other words, create a place where you can enjoy some time surrounded by your favorite stuff.
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