7 Best Science-Based Parenting Books

7 Best Science-Based Parenting Books

The Whole-Brain Child

The “Whole Brain Child” approach is about integrating different parts of the brain to help our children live balanced, creative and meaningful lives. In this book, Dr. Daniel Siegel, psychiatrist and professor at UCLA School of Medicine, explains in a creative and yet simple way how the different regions in our brains affect our thinking, emotion in daily lives. It presents 12 strategies to integrate our upper brain (decision making) and  lower brain (reactive), as well as our left brain (logical) and right brain (emotional). Good examples help drive home the points.

The Science of Parenting

If you are going to get only one parenting book, this is the one I’d get. Understanding the science of children’s brain development and physiology is so important to understanding their behavior. This book dispels myths and conventional thinking with solid scientific facts. It doesn’t rely on “theories” based on any “expert’s” view.

When I first read this book, I was very surprised how much scientists had already known about brain development and children behavior. And yet as a parent, I was still given advice based on theories and practices that only showed results parents want without regard to their impacts on our children’s well being. This is a must-read for every parent.

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