6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

If someone has recently been avoiding you or, on the contrary, trying to bump into you casually, there is a reason.

6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

  • A person in love often keeps an eye on the object of their admiration: it always seems as though there’s an important detail they previously missed. If one suffers from one-sided love, he usually can’t stop observing the situation because this is better than nothing.
  • However, if the gaze is caught, “the second front” is activated: he feels the urgent need to observe the nearby curtain or to make the acquaintance of the old woman sitting in the next room.

6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

There are 2 versions of the scenario for conversation:

  • A person suddenly changes his natural way of talking to one characteristic of a poet, a philosopher, and a journalist all rolled into one. It becomes easy for him to talk on the most complicated and interesting subjects even if he has never thought about them before. If you’re lucky enough, an ordinary person will turn into a comedian.
  • A reasonable and knowledgeable person turns into a stupid sheep that has an extremely poor vocabulary. If it applies to you, try to limit attempts to impress another person.

6 Obvious Signs a Person Secretly Likes You

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