6 Homey DIY Spring Decorations You Must Try

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The best way to make your apartment or house has homey look is to add a personal touch to the interior. Well, how to find some decorations to meet your personal touch? We think the best and effective solution is to have DIY decorations.
We all use different materials and styles; therefore you’ll rarely find DIY decorations that look exactly the same. Since the spring season is on its way, now is a perfect time for you to start crafting some of these house ornaments. Here are 6 simple DIY projects that anyone can pull off.

1. DIY Dinnerware Bird Feeder

Do you have some unused dinner plates or a salad bowl? Well, use it as the best DIY project for your backyard decoration.

  • You can make a Dinnerware Bird Feeder by drilling a ⅜-inch hole at the center of your dinner plate, salad plate, and your bowl. Place the bowl on top of the dinner plate so that their holes align and take a thick rope to pull through those holes.
  • The next thing you should do is place the rope through a metal tube, securing it in the middle of the bowl. Tie a knot at the end of the dinner plate, then take the drilled salad plate and place it on top of the tube by passing the rope through its hole as well.
  • Finally, tie another knot at the other end of the rope, and voila — you have your Dinnerware Bird Feeder. All that remains now is to fill it with bird food.

2. DIY Cabinet Hardware

This DIY project is extremely easy that even do not need any skill at all. It is great to revitalize your cabinet handles.

  • All you need is twine or jute and some glue. You can also include paint in the mixture if you wish.
  • Apply glue to the handles, wrap the twine around them, and wait for it to dry.

That’s all there is to it — simple and easy. Here’s how the whole thing should look.

3. DIY Dream Catchers

We agree that dream catcher is the amazing decoration. It is possible to make at home. To start this project, you will need a hop in size of 15 cm of diameter. Besides, you have to prepare yarn or twine, some glue, beads, and feathers.

  • Weave the twine around the hoop so that you cover it completely. Then, start weaving again, but this time make 8 loose jumps along the hoop.
  • Then, start weaving a third time. This time round and pull the thread through the midpoint of each loop so that when you are done it resembles a spider web. Finally, you should use additional pieces of twine, along with your beads and feathers, and tie them to your dream catcher.

Of course, this is another simple project but if you add more complexity, it will make its visual is better. Therefore, if you want to make a dream catcher, make sure that you focus on the details. For example, you can use different features or beads to add the more interesting look and increase its aesthetic value.

4. Tablescapes

Do you know what tablescapes are? This is a mini forest and in the middle of it, we can add a candle. Of course, it can make any room in your home looks perfect and more inviting than before. In addition, this way is easy to create.

  • Just take a block of wood or a ceramic tile to act as your base.
  • Create a geometric hole pattern around the center of the base — just make sure the holes are not too close to the center because you’ll need that space for the candle.
  • Use a drill to create holes in the base, ensuring that the diameter of the hole is slightly smaller than the diameter of the twigs you will use.
  • Once that is done, use a knife to adjust the diameter of the twigs so that they will barely fit in the holes and glue them.
  • All that’s left is to take your candle and place it in the middle of the tablescape.

5. DIY Ironing Board Welcome Sign

This is also a simple yet a brilliant idea to create a homey decoration to your home. You can use an old-school or vintage ironing board that you do not use anymore. If you do not have it, it does not a big deal because you can ask your neighbor if they do not mind to give it theirs for free.

  • Buy some paint to freshen up its appearance
  • Use a different paint color to write the word “Welcome” on it.
  • Let it dry and put it at your doorstep.

It’s easy to make and will really look great!

6. DIY Clipboards


  • Find a wooden board and do some work on its edges to make it look stylish
  • Paint it any color you like.
  • Once you have a nice-looking wooden board, take a binder clip and glue it on the board (you can use E-6000 glue).
  • Use the drill to make a hole at the back of the board so that it can be hung on a wall.
  • If you want to do some work on the binder clip as well, you can coat it in glitter or try other techniques to customize it.
  • What kind of paper you want to attach to the board is entirely up to you: a To-Do list, some wallpaper, a print — whatever you like or find useful.

Well, these ideas are not too complicated to do. We are sure that anyone can complete these projects. If you love to have some DIY projects, these spring decorations are what you need.