6 DIY Dog House Tutorials To Make From Discarded Pallets Wood

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When your home is full of love, what will you get? The benefits will back to you. You can be healthier, happier, and less stressful. Therefore, when you have a cute dog at home with her funny acts to entertain you and the ways she wants you to spoil her can be the best way to reduce your stress and depression. It is not surprising that many studies showed pet owners could be healthier when they loved their pet and spent more time with the pet.
If you have a plan to adopt a dog, why do not plan for her house first? You do not even buy a new house for her. You can save your money by creating a dog house. If you have no ideas on how to build it, we have some tutorials to check out now.

DIY Simple Dog House From Discarded Pallets

DIY Simple Dog House From Discarded Pallets
The best thing about the DIY project is you can make it from some discarded materials. As you can find here that, the crafters only use some discarded pallets. They create this DIY dog house with a simple design. It is like a miniature of a simple house. You will need to dismantle the pallets first into pieces. After that, gather them to make this dog house. Make it more beautiful by coating the pallets. Stain and paint the doghouse to make it more beautiful. We agree that the dog house here can be a nice decorative piece to your home. Here is the full tutorial to check out now.

DIY Pallet Dog House With Veranda

DIY Pallet Dog House With Veranda
Do you have some unused pieces of the pallet? Why do not make a dog house as the image below? The crafters have a plan to save their money. On the other hands, they must have a doghouse to provide the best shelter for their dog. They also want to make the dog house is unique. Therefore, they use their discarded pallets. In addition, they dismantle the pallet into pieces and gather them to make this dog house. Their project turned great because you can look at the window when you miss your pet. Here is the full tutorial to make this dog house.

DIY Open Air Doghouse

DIY Open DOG House
It is fun to spend your time outside of your home during summer. You can go around your backyard and enjoy the sun. Besides, you can walk around to enjoy the fresh air to refresh your mind. We think it is also good for your dog. They should go outside of their home to enjoy the outdoor fun. Therefore, it is good to provide this airy and open dog house to the backyard.
The crafters make this doghouse to make their dogs enjoy the summer. The dog can have fun, relax, and even sleep under the sunshine with the open framework. We think this simple dog house is what you need to make for your weekend. Build now.

Small Dog Kennel Out Of Pallets Ste

How to built a small dog kennel for a friend who owned a Jack Russell dog out of a couple of old pallets. Watch this video below.

DIY Dog House With Recycled Pallets

A simple pallet project showing you how to build this great looking wooden dog house using recycled pallets. This dog kennel pallet project can be built to suit dogs of any size. Watch this video below:

Simple but Elegant Dog House

Part 1

Part 2