6 Craziest And Coolest Grandparents Doing Some Really Awesome Stuff

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Old people are awesome and they rarely give a damn about what other people say about them. They have a worth of knowledge and experience and are not afraid to try new things. Here are 6 such grandparents who are more adventurous and crazier than their younger counterparts.

1 Grandma tries VR for the first time

VR or Virtual Reality is a new concept in gaming and movie watching. It has changed the way you can see movies or play games. This device brings in immersive experience of playing games. It gives you the experience of playing games as if you are in the game itself.

Here, a grandma tries the VR for the first time and you can see she is shocked to experience the game first hand itself. The video is extremely fun to watch and shows that even elder people love to experience new things.

2 94 year old Grandma graduates college

There is no age to finish your studies. Though you keep learning your whole life, finishing education is always on everyone’s mind. Amy Craton celebrated getting her college degree with a 4.0 GPA. She had to pause her education in 1962 in order to raise four children after a divorce. “It feels good to graduate, to finish that part of my life, but I feel that I’m still on the road, I have much more to learn” she said in an interview released by her school, Southern New Hampshire University.

SNHU president Paul LeBlanc flew from the Manchester school to Honolulu to personally hand Craton her degree, something that was 50 years in the making.

3 100 year old grandma skydives on her birthday

When someone reaches a milestone, they want to celebrate it in the grandest style possible. Georgina Harwood, who turned 100 in 2015, decided to do the same and celebrated it by going skydiving. This was her 3rd skydive, after taking to the sport when she was 97 years old. “I was much more conscious of everything this time because I had a better idea what I was going to do,” she said after landing near Cape Town. Next she celebrated by being lowered down in the sea in a cage amongst sharks. This is one feisty grandma.

4 This 81 year old guitarists shreds like a rockstar

81 year old Bob Wood had visited a guitar shop in Nashville. The shop is suspiciously named British Audio Service and workers there made Wood an internet star. While waiting to get his amps repaired, Wood picked up a guitar and started churning out a awesome version of ‘B Same Mucho’. The video has racked up more than 2 million views.

Wood has been playing guitar in Shenandoah Valley and in the 1970s was signed on as a regular performer at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia. He played guitar there for 10 years. He was named the Entertainer of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Inc., and in 2007, he was inducted into the the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame.

5 This Grandpa has got the moves

This video will show you that old people can do anything better than young people. They don’t give a damn about what others say and they love to embarrass their young ones. Here, a girl is dancing in front of the cam and is blissfully unaware that her grand-dad is copying her moves behind her back. The way grandpa moves can put even Michael Jackson to shame.

However, the girl catches him in action and yells ‘Grand-dad’ as she sees him copying her. However, he goes right back to imitating her, much to the amusement of the girl’s mother, who is filming the duo.

6 This is how you rock to music

In this video, you can see a street performer beat boxing on the streets of Brussels. When the camera pans out, you then see a grandmother dancing along the beatboxer and crowd cheering her on. The 2 odd minutes video shows how you can enjoy life, if you give up the fear of what people will say.