5 Top Backpacking Trips For Beginners In Minnesota

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Having a plan to backpack means it is a must to take Minnesota to become your destination. In fact, there are some great backcountry destinations that will never make you regret to explore. Here are the five top trips:

1. Glacial Lakes

What you can enjoy in this location is the wider horizons and the north woods. Glacial Lakes State Park is the best spot for beginner backpackers especially if you look for prairie camping. The location is far from the cities. Therefore, the park is the best spot to stargaze with few visitors. Besides, the visitors will enjoy the taste of traveling across the wilderness.
Well, the park provides drive-in campsites, but, if you would like to listen to our advice, you better hike three to four miles to reach one of the provided backpack sites. Why so? Well, this decision will never make you disappointed because you have more chance to see more parks. If this is the first time for you to backpack, do not worry. You are only about a few miles from other visitors. Therefore, it is the time to learn in this good place.
The RT distance is 4 miles with 200 feet of elevation gain. You can visit the spot in all seasons, but the best time to visit is during fall and spring. It is because the park has no shade and it can be really hot in the summer and winter camping will be quite complicated.
What you can do there are camping, hiking, and photography. Best of all, Glacial lakes are well-facilitated with bathrooms, lake, easy parking, wildflowers, scenic view, wildlife, and even swimming hole!
If you want to visit this area, please that you should bring these things:
Backpack, tent, sleeping back, hiking boots, hiking poles, outdoor clothes based on season, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, lightweight camp stove along with fuel, water, water filler, food, and camera.
If you don’t mind to bring more, here are the helpful items:
Pocket knife, hatchet, external charger for your camera, rag, flashlight, advil, rope, notebook, pillow, extra blanket, eating and cooking supplies, and compass.

2. Superior Hiking Trail

As the most popular hiking trail in the state, Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is about 300 miles from Duluth to the Canadian Border. Also, it is along the north shore of the Lake Superior. Besides of the shore, the deep woods and the ridges are the best part of the trail.
If you are a more experienced backpacker, it is possible to do a thru-hike. Keep in mind that the trail sometimes can be rugged with the total elevation change. The spot is up and down between the ridgeline and the shore, in which it is perfect for beginner to hike for a couple days.
The activities to do in this location are camping, backpacking, photography, and hiking. Nevertheless, if you want to visit this park, it is good to come during summer or autumn.
With some epic views, you should bring these items with you:
Tent, camera, hiking pole, water filter, bear bag and rope, and sleeping bag

3. Isle Royale

Technically, Isle Royale is in Michigan. Nevertheless, the island is closer to the mainland Minnesota compared to the mainland Michigan. The spot is so cool and that is the biggest reason why we added it here. The place is also popular for the populations of wolf and moose. Therefore, it is good to spend your time there to enjoy the wildlife. In addition, the location is a good place especially for the beginner to backpack since there are many routes to take across with few miles to fifty miles away.
The pack list to head this spot is tent, backpack, hiking boots, water bottle and filter, and a lightweight stove. It is important that the park does not allow fires. Sleeping bag, rain jacket, first aid kit, and insect repellents are must-to-pack list to complete your trip.
With 35 miles of distance and the point-to-point trail, it is good to head to this spot in summer or autumn. What things can you do there? Well, quite many. For example, you can enjoy the new experience of camping, fishing, Kayaking, photography, swimming, hiking, diving, and backpacking. What a real holiday!

4. The Border Route Trail

From the Canadian border to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, the trail offers 65 miles of distance, over a million acres, and the largest wilderness areas. The route will bring you through some most pristine natural spots from one lake to another along the way. Therefore, we recommend you to bring your fishing gear for this destination!
Even if the trail has fewer entry points, it is still possible to enjoy the route for few days. You can even do a car camp in case that you cannot do a backpacking trip.
The pack list is below:
Camping gear, camera, fishing gear, life jackets, canoe and paddles or Kayaks
There are many interesting activities to do such as camping, chilling, stand up paddle, fishing, photography, Kayaking, hiking, fitness, and swimming.
We recommend you to visit this spot in spring, summer, or autumn.

5. Boundary Water Canoe Trip

If you think that you only need a multiday canoe trip, take this last option. You can even spend three days two nights in this trip with groups for more than 9 people and 4 canoes. The location is in the northern of the Superior National Forest, the northeastern Minnesota. Once, the area was covered by glaciers and now it is the home for 1.1 million acres of land and 1,200 miles of routes for canoes.
What you should take with you for this trip are below:
Permit, paddles, canoe/kayak, dry bags, and water filtration system, fishing gear, backpacking essentials, sunscreen or sunhat, fish dry materials like oil, batter, pan, and others
We recommend you to head this trip in summer since there are many interesting activities to do such as chilling, camping, fishing, Kayaking, photography, backpacking, hiking, and even fitness!

So, which one is your most favorite place you dream about to come? Enjoy your time!