5 Tips To Enjoy Your First Solo Backpacking Trip

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When do you venture on your first solo backpacking trip? Last year or is it now? Maybe you take too much concern about your family and friends. They will never let you hike and backpack alone. But, if you spend your time to research, make an intensive list and prepare your gear, you can tell them that you have a solid plan for your trip.
Your trip is your adventure and your preparation is the main factor to make it well or not. Basically, if this is the first time for you to try your solo backpacking trip, we recommend you to learn some lessons from others’ experience. Here, you can learn about how about preparing your solo trek well so you are ready on the trail.

1. A Solid Plan

Consult every list so you know where you want to backpack. It is also great to leave a copy of the map together with the emergency contact. Besides, you should also concern on the trail choice, your ability level, and your friend’s concerns. For example, if you take The Crater Lakes trail, that is not a long trail. In case you have an ankle issue, you can go back to your car as the realistic decision.
Furthermore, if the trailhead is quite close to your home and you did not check your emergency contact, they will come to you in a few hours.

2. Bring Protection That Make You Comfortable

If you are a woman and you want to do the solo backpack trip on the trail that is a little bit scary. You must be able to handle some problems such as wildlife, weather, injury, and safety. Tragically, women are attacked in the middle of the trail and therefore some form of protection that you can feel comfortable with is great. Here, not all choices are available. If you are comfortable to bring a gun, perhaps you don’t have it. Besides, you may leave your multipurpose knife in the kitchen. So, what can you do?
Some women hikers are doing a great thing such as pepper spray. Furthermore, it is good to bring your dog just to scare off the wildlife predators. Your dog will be the best defender if a human predator attacks you. Pepper spray is also useful as your backup if there is an emergency. What you should consider is the protection makes you comfortable and you know how to use it.

3. Don’t Feel Lonely

You are doing your solo trip and that is obvious if you feel alone. But, the biggest thing is that you are creating a big change; disconnect from everything. Therefore, you should do little activities or a task to enjoy your time during your solo trip. This is great so you do not feel isolated or lonely. For example, you can bring your sketchbook, journal, or camera as the ideal tasks to enjoy your solace. In addition, you can challenge yourself such as hunting for porcinis to keep your focus during the hike. Other than that, you can bring a book to read. Well, it seems interesting to enjoy your time, read a book, take a selfie, and make your friends envy.

4. Prepare Things To Fail

It is worth to test your equipment right before you go. Well, if possible, do it several times. You don’t want to end up with the borrowed jetboil for your dinner because you want to cook some hot water, but you cannot turn it on. What will you do? Chewing some snacks for your dinner and get sleep early to avoid your hunger?
For this reason, you should make your trip miserable if it were about to fail and therefore, you can create your backups. What will you do to handle strap breaks on the pack? It means you should bring more extra duct tape. What will you do to deal with leaked camelback? You should consider bringing iodine tablets. Eventually, if you bring more granola bars are more than enough to make you enjoy the trip. So, just be realistic that not all your plans will run well. A little obstacle needs your backup plan.

5. Confident

Have you experienced your trip with the best preparation? How do you feel? At first, you may get a lot of concern from your family and friends. They really worry about you and that is okay, you should respect them. Nevertheless, it is good not to let their feeling diminish your confidence. Confidence is the key so you can be tough when you head up the trail. Whether you are exhausted, you have a heavy pack, and the thunderstorm is so close; you should trust your footing and find the way to reach the area and make your camp.
Keep in mind that no one else to encourage you’re or motivate you. Therefore, you have to believe in your capability, rely on your skills and motivate yourself to reach the camp.

More Tips

In the end, your careful planning is the first prior. After that, you can pack everything smartly. If you are ready for the next trip, always remember that every trip has its own conditions and challenges. Therefore, you should understand everything that you will face before you go.
When you do your trips, here are some factors to consider:

  • Daytime and nighttime temperatures – carrying more water are good if the temperature is going to be hot during the day. Do not forget to wear light and cooler layers along with lighter socks and shoes. Make sure that you are not too dehydrated on the middle of the trail. The temperature also may impact your sleep system. Heavier sleeping bag and the ground pad are what you need to deal with the cooler weather.
  • Sun forecast and cloud cover – If you find the forecast is sunny, you should wear the sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat to protect your skin from the UV light.
  • Trail conditions – Understanding your trail conditions will make you able to expect whether the hike will be snowy or muddy, so you can decide to bring extra traction, gaiters, and footwear.