5 Smart Tips To Create Your Beautiful Butterfly Garden

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It is always amazing to see your garden is full of butterflies. What can you do? How to attract them to come? What are the best plants to grow? In fact, butterflies love to come to any garden with the large swaths of color. For example, they love yellow yarrow as well as rudbeckia. It is important to go with the bright colors to add to your garden. Eventually, butterflies tend to love more when it comes to red flowers than white flowers.
Here are some steps to consider on how to make a beautiful butterfly garden. We hope this post can make a big change to your garden with more butterflies to come around!
Add Host Plants

Add Host Plants

Plants like dill, fennel and parsley are the popular food sources especially for caterpillars so they later turn into butterflies. If you think you cannot deal with the nibbled foliage, it does not a matter. You can plant these plants in the inconspicuous spots.

Provide Nectar Plants

It is essential to provide plants with the flowers that can be the food sources for butterflies. For example, you can include butterfly bush or daylily to your garden. You can plant flowers with different and overlapping bloom times like coneflowers and bachelor’s buttons as well.

How To Make Butterflies Comfortable

Butterflies have other favorites. They don’t stick to flowers. They also love the sun-baked surface to warm their wings especially in the morning and the shallow saucer of water with the sandy bottom so they can drink it anytime of the day. If you can make your garden like that, of course, they will think that they are discovering a new place they will call next as home.
How To Make Butterflies Comfortable

Make Sure They Are Safe

What can you do to make them safe? What things to do so you do not kill their population?
One of the best ways is to reduce the use of pesticides as much as possible. If you have to apply it, it is good to apply it on the calm days. Besides, you should plant a windbreak like evergreens or trees so you can block the air to support butterflies for having the safe landings.
There are many butterfly gardens at peak in August with the overflowing flowers that will also attract other valuable pollinators like bees. In addition, you can complete your garden with ‘Moonbeam’coreopsis, Black-eyed Susans, Gloriosa daisy, Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ and Purple coneflower.
In addition, when it comes to perennials, they are not pollinators’ only mates. For example, shrubs and flowering trees have the important role especially during spring. At that time, many perennials are not blooming yet. Nevertheless, the best partners are annual so they can offer the longs season of bloom, Here are the dozen annuals that you will love to attract the share of pollinators.

  • Angelonia
  • Bachelor’s buttons (Centaurea cyanus)
  • Butterfly flower (Asclepias curassavica)
  • Calendula
  • Cleome
  • Cosmos
  • Gazania
  • Mexican sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia)
  • Salvia
  • Sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima)
  • Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

The Stages of Butterfly Metamorphosis

The Stages of Butterfly Metamorphosis

Once you have created your butterfly garden, here are the stages of butterfly metamorphosis you must know.

  • Egg – It comes in many shapes and colors. Commonly, butterflies leave it on leaves to provide a food source for the tiny caterpillars.
  • Larva – The larval stage can last for up to a month and at that time, the caterpillar is ready to eat, grow, and molt.
  • Chrysalis – They are mature and the caterpillar hangs from the support and then molts the final period to produce a chrysalis.
  • Adult – A beautiful butterfly is from the chrysalis. After a few days, they are ready to mate. Most butterflies only live for a few weeks.

Most Beautiful Butterflies

Most Beautiful Butterflies

Your butterfly garden is amazing that makes butterflies come to your house and it seems awesome to watch butterflies flying around with its colorful look. Here are some beautiful butterflies that would be great if you see them in your garden:

  • Painted Lady – It is one of the most popular butterflies around the world with its iconic orange wings that painted in black and white around the tips.
  • Pipevine Swallowtail – We have to admit that the butterflies offer dramatic look with the large black and the blue wings iridescently. The blue wings are poisonous to deal with predators.
  • Black Swallowtail – Another type of butterflies we expect to see in your garden. It is one of the species that can live a little longer. In addition, the butterfly is able to reach the wingspan for more than four inches. Just like the Pipevine Swallowtail, this species is poisonous to predators as well.
  • Clouded Sulphur – It is the common species of butterflies with the iconic look, the yellow wings with the black edge. You can find the species much in North America especially in meadows, fields, and open spaces.
  • Monarch – Well, it is one of the most popular butterflies to see. It has the recognizable wing pattern in orange and black. The species is so popular especially for the late-season migration south.
  • Zebra Longwing – This species is easy to find throughout the south. The butterflies are around the woodlands and along the forest edges.

So, those are all things you should know when it comes to create a butterfly garden. It seems beautiful to see your garden as the best and comfortable home to butterflies to flying low and high and around your house. Best of all, seeing butterflies around your garden can increase your mood and energy. Surely it is entertaining and you will forget your bad day soon.
Do you have a butterfly garden? Do you have a plan to make it? What plants you are going to add to your butterfly garden? What species you hope to see in your garden? Since in this era, it is a little bit difficult to find butterflies flying around, especially if you live near the city. It is almost impossible to find butterflies at this time.