5 Recommended Adventures Around Sun Valley, Idaho

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The trails are available when the snow really melts. So, it is familiar for you to hear about the best slopes in Idaho’s Sun Valley if you are a snowboarder or a skier. The place is a great choice especially for those who love to spend more time in the open trails, quiet and peace outdoor areas. Besides, the spots are endless to explore that will make you amaze when you drive from towns to reach these locations. So, we are sure that it is a must for you to make a plan to explore Idaho as soon and possible. Just keep in mind that you should add Sun Valley in the top of your list.

1. Devil’s Bedstead West

Do you love to enjoy the majestic panoramic views, but with a little challenge? Well, try this. The hike is the favorite for the local because the location is far from crowds if we are talking about the popular hikes. When you can reach the top, you will really appreciate every step you have made.
About the trail, we recommend you to start your adventure in the early morning to deal with the heat and to watch the sunrise at the mountain tops. For the first four miles you have made, it is quite moderate and beautiful with creeks, log bridges, meadows, and even green forests that will amaze you.  The climb will start after five miles. In the last quarter mile, you should slow your hike because of the lack of the defined trail and the loose boulders.
The pack list:
Daypack, hiking shoes, snacks and lunch, water bottle or camelback, an extra layer of clothing for the summer, and camera
13 miles of distance with 4.200 feet of elevation gain, the trail offers an out-and-back experience that makes it good for intermediate skill level for hikers. The best season to visit the trail is in summer o autumn. The location is the best if you want to enjoy the wildlife, scenic view, and beautiful forest.

2. Johnstone Pass

It does not a big matter if a summit hike is not what you love to plan for your trip today, you will still enjoy this hike in Johnstone Pass with the wildflowers around you. What you need is a four-wheel drive vehicle to get to the location and the trail is the best place if you want to see fewer people. If you do not want to enjoy the easy hike, burn your lungs and legs to hike the top of Johnstone Pass that is 10,000 feet with 360-views of Pioneer Mountains.
The trail starts at the north end and it is a small parking area and the trail has no mark. Once you start your journey, you will have the experience to hike with 8,000 feet of elevation gain. Keep in mind that the road to Johnstone Pass may close from the beginning of fall to the beginning of summer, thanks to the snow.
The pack list:
High clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, snacks, water, route instructions/ topo map, camera
For hikers, there are more things to bring:
Trekking poles, extra water, and sturdy hiking shoes
You only can hike and take some pictures in this trail with 5.4 miles of distance and out-and-back-trail to explore. Enjoy!

3. The Coyote Yurts

Do you want to enjoy the spectacular basecamp for your adventures? This is the perfect area for hiking, chilling around the campfire, and even mountain biking. With two furnished yurts and 360-degrees of mountain views, the place is the ultimate station to relax. We also love to hear about the backcountry skiing experience. Besides these things, you can still enjoy horseback riding and trail hiking in summer with snowshoeing in winter. Wake up early if you do not want to miss the beautiful sunrise. The climax is the views of the Pioneer Mountains and the Boulder.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag, pillow, food, avalanche safety equipment in winter, clothes for cold evenings with thick layers
The place is great to visit in any season that makes it perfect for a beginner.

4. Hyndman Peak

So, you miss the chance to enjoy enough 360-views of the Idaho Mountains especially when you hike to the Devil’s Bedstead West. Well, don’t be sad. You still have the chance here. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the tallest peak of Idaho, Mount Borah. The views will make you feel ambitious to hike about two miles of the aspen groves to the alpine lake for camping.
Pack list:
Headlamp, bear spray, a gallon of water, camera, backpack, jacket, snack, bug spray, gloves, hat, sunscreen, trekking poles, and camp gear for overnight hikers
12 miles of distance and 5000 feet of elevation gain can be the new experience for intermediate hikers, like you. Therefore, you should make your best plan to explore this trail in any season with the out-and-back trail type to deal with. The waterfall, forest, lake, and wildlife are everything that is worth for your time and relaxation!

5. Kane Lake

Drive about 20 minutes from the town to find this trail. The hike is all about exploring the open meadows, the beautiful alpine lake, and the rocky peaks. We think it is good to head there early in the morning and make sure that you have a few days to explore the area. The meadow, the rock fields, the dense forest are everything to enjoy.
Start your trail in a small meadow and go through the forested area. After that, you will start the uphill climb but that is not the end to get to the lake. After the halfway, the trail will bring you through the rocky fields and this point is a little bit difficult to deal with. Continue your adventure because the lake is so close with the views as the best award you will never forget.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, snacks, a filter and plenty of water
If you spend a few days there, here are items to bring:
Food, water, and a filter, cooking supplies, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, hammock, swimwear, camera, clothes for the warm days and cold nights, fishing rod, hiking shoes, and headlamp
You are going to enjoy your day with 6.8 miles of distance and 1717 feet of elevation gain. Visit the trail in summer or autumn with out-and-back trail type to enjoy some activities like chilling, fishing, camping, photography, hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking.