5 Psychological Reasons Explaining Why People Don’t Lose Weight Even With Exercises and Diets

Sometimes a person does a lot of exercising, sticks to a strict diet, and doesn’t have any health problems, but they are still unable to lose weight. Do you know why? Because it’s beneficial.

We put together 5 major psychological barriers that hinder us from losing unwanted weight despite a healthy diet and regular training.

5. Being overweight is beneficial!

Yes, it is beneficial because we can relate our problems to being overweight:

  • No soul mate?
  • Dream job still far away?
  • Unreachable life goals?

It’s very convenient to blame being overweight on our problems because if there were no problems, it would be obvious that the reasons for our problems are inside us. Of course, no one wants to be disappointed with themselves, and that is exactly why our weight doesn’t diminish, even if we regularly visit the gym. Our subconscious doesn’t let it happen.

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