5 Genius Hacks To Remove Blackheads In A Week

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It is only a myth that the dirty face is the main culprit of blackheads. In fact, blackheads come out because of the bigger pores and the excessive sebum glands. When the bigger pores fill up with sweat and dirt, combining with too much sebum, it forms blackheads. Here are some remedies to take to remove blackheads.

1. Oil

We recommend this remedy for people with dry skin. If you have oily skin, it is good to take coconut oil but it can also create breakouts. In fact, coconut oil is the natural antibacterial agent that is very effective to clean dry faces.

  • Boil water and pour into a bowl
  • Wash your hands and massage organic, cold-pressed coconut oil into your skin in a circular motion
  • Steam your pores for 5 minutes by putting your face over the hot water with a towel over your head to trap the steam (be careful not to burn yourself)
  • Give your skin another quick massage and wipe any excess oil off with a clean towel
  • Splash some cold water on your skin to seal the deal and close the pores

2. Baking Soda

We have to admit that it is a versatile ingredient. It is more than just to clean the air in the refrigerator. It also will clean your hair, pores, and skin. We also think that baking soda is the most affordable and easiest way to clean blackheads. Even if baking soda is effective, you should not apply this treatment for more than two times per week. Too much baking soda will not good for the skin.

  • Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with enough filtered or mineral water to make a paste
  • Gently massage a generous portion onto your blackheads and let it sit a few minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water

3. Cinnamon

It is also another common household ingredient that is good for beauty and health treatment. It has a lot of benefit for inside and outside of your body. One of the benefits is to remove blackheads.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon with lemon juice to form a paste
  • Apply the paste onto the blackheads and leave for  minutes
  • Rinse it off and repeat daily until the blackheads are gone

4. Egg White

The nutrients in egg whites are great for the skin. Therefore, you can use it as a face mask. It also works to tighten your pores and clear blackheads. It is good to use this treatment since the nutrients will make your skin healthy.

  • Separate 1 to 2 eggs and whip egg whites until mixed together
  • Rinse your face with clean water and dry
  • Apply 1 layer egg whites to the affected area or entire face and wait until dry
  • Apply another layer and wait until dry – do this up to 5 times, but make sure each layer is dry before applying the next
  • Wash the egg off and apply moisturizer
  • Repeat as needed

5. Essentials Oil

There are a few oils that help get rid of blackheads but Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils are the top 2 on the list. Both are safe to apply directly to the affected area in small amounts, but if you have sensitive skin, you can dilute the oil.

  • Apply one drop of pure, organic Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil to the affected area or add 1 to 4 drops to a teaspoon of a carrier oil such as coconut, almond or olive oil
  • Gently massage onto skin
  • Repeat as necessary
  • Add Peppermint essential oil to your face wash to help tighten pores.