5 Easy Ways To Remove Pimples Quickly And Painlessly

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Pimples are normal, but having them on our face is painful and embarrassing. Before finding the best treatments to remove pimples, it is important to know why this thing happens to you. Most of us know that pimples are the skin irritation. It happens because of the infection of the oil-producing glands in the skin.
The irritation in the glands makes it produces too much oil. Therefore, the saturation of the gland then happens. Too much oil traps the natural bacteria on the skin and therefore the infection happens. As a result, it leads to pus production named pimples.
While most people believe that using harsh chemicals, vigorous mechanical scrubbing and even physician supervised skin peels and laser treatments are the best way to treat occasional pimples, oftentimes these treatments just aggravate the problem and make matters worse.  So, for occasional, localized breakouts, here are some great natural remedies that can help you get rid of pimples quickly and painlessly.

1. Ice

Ice is great to reduce swelling. In addition, we need ice to encourage the oil glands to constrict and then push out the excess oil together with the bacteria in the irritated glands. We can use it to prevent the formation of pimples. This treatment is also great to a small pimple with no pus-filled eruption on your skin yet. Here are the following steps to use ice:

  • Wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and hold it on the affected skin area for a few seconds.
  • Wait a few minutes and repeat the process.
  • Apply the ice multiple times throughout the day and the pimple should resolve in just a day or two.

2. Lemon

You can also use fresh lemon juice to resolve pimples. It works effectively because lemon contains mild citric acid that acts as the antiseptic. It is great to kill the bacteria in the gland. On the other hands, it works as astringent to remove the excess oil. There are few ways to apply this natural remedy as below:

  • Using a clean, sterile cotton swab, apply the lemon juice to the affected areas prior to bedtime.
  • For more stubborn pimples, create a paste of lemon juice and cinnamon powder and dab onto pimples for all night treatment. This will help get rid of pimples quickly but is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

3. Honey

Honey is a popular natural remedy to remove pimples. It works as a natural antiseptic to destroy the bacteria inside the oil glands effectively and speed up the healing process naturally. Here are the following things to do with honey:

  • First, use a clean, sterile cotton-tipped application and dab the honey directly onto the skin blemishes, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
  • Additionally, you can create a paste with cinnamon powder similar to that of the lemon juice and allow the mixture to remain in contact with the pimples overnight before rinsing.

4. Toothpaste

Next, this simple pimple treatment is worth to try so you can stay at home and destroy the pimples. You can even use this treatment to follow up to icing to heal the skin quickly. In this treatment, you will need the white paste, not the gel.

  • Dab some white toothpaste to the affected areas of the skin before bed and leave overnight, rinsing with cool water in the morning.
  • If you aren’t going anywhere, you can repeat the process during the day, making sure to leave the toothpaste in contact with the pimples for at least thirty minutes to be effective.

5. Steam

There are some amazing benefits of using steam for your skin. First, it opens up your pores. Second, it removes all bad stuff out of the pores. Third, it is great for all people with pimples.

  • First, fill a large pot with hot water from the tap and then position your face so that it comes into contact with the rising steam. Under no circumstances should you allow your skin to come into contact with the hot water as this can cause scalding.
  • After thirty minutes, gently pat your face dry and apply an oil-free moisturizer over the entire face.

These are just a few of the ways you can get rid of pimples quickly and help promote healthy, moisturized skin.  Do you have any home remedies that work to get rid of pimples quickly?