5 DIY Techniques for Creating Productive Vegetable Gardening Beds

When planning out your vegetable beds you’re presented with a plethora of options, my hope is that over the course of this post I’ll be able to unpack a few of them, helping you find a solution that best suits both your needs and budget.

Double Digging
Photo: Janet Jemmot

1. Double Digging

If you have an established garden with good soil, you may want to start with trench beds, commonly referred to as “double digging” beds. Essentially you’ll be digging into your preexisting soil aerating it, then fortifying it with compost, bone and bloodmeal. The advantage of this kind of bed is that, if well planned, it should last you 5-7 years with an annual top dressing and periodic organic fertilizing, provided you observe seasonal crop rotations, which are needed to allow the soil to replenish itself natural. See more at Vegetable Gardener

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