5 Cool DIY Fireplace Inspirations To Update Your Home Interior

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Do you think that your current fireplace looks plain and old? Well, there are some possible ways to update your fireplace. This way will increase the look and the functionality of your fireplace. If you cannot believe, you can check out these DIY projects to upgrade your interior.

1. The DIY Wooden Mantel Design

The designers made it after getting a little inspiration from a simple image on Pinterest. They also add the detailed tutorials so you can try to make your own version in your home. The fireplace looks sophisticated and clean that will make your home is more inviting.
When you want to make it, you only need a large brick fireplace. Then, turn it as the focal point in the area by adding the crown molding, wood planks, and the fresh coat of the white paint. Even though on Pinterest and the tutorial use white, you can paint the wood in your favorite color to match your current decoration.

2. Built-In Storage Design

Do you have a lot of carpentry experience? Do you have a nice wall space? Well, this is the time to make this DIY built-in storage design and you will love it. It makes you able to use the empty space with the fireplace as the focal point.
As you can see, the designers made it with open and concealed storage. Above the fireplace, there is a special place for the mounted television. In addition, the minimal depth will increase the floor space. There will be a long list of supplies but it is worth for you to try this one.
The tutorial calls for poplar boards and birch plywood in addition to lattice and crown molding as the primary materials. The best part about this design is that you get plenty of storage space to conceal household items.
While it certainly isn’t the easiest design, it’s one of the most professional and comprehensive ones you can do yourself.

3. Simple Paint Job

Sometimes all a fireplace needs is a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t like the color of the brick, you can repaint it with white for a clean and modern look. You’ll want to start by cleaning the existing brick to remove dust and residue. If you don’t clean thoroughly enough, the paint won’t stick or dry properly. Then you should tape off any areas you don’t want to paint. Next, apply an oil-based, stain-blocking primer to protect the brick from soot stains. After the brick is cleaned and primed, you’re ready to paint. You’ll want an indoor latex paint that’s either semi-gloss, gloss, or flat. Furthermore, it should be tested and rated to withstand temperatures that exceed 200 degrees. The best part about a simple paint job is that it can be completed in a single day and is relatively cheap.

4. Fireplace Mantel

A nice mantel can completely transform a fireplace that lacks features. Fireplaces that are completely flat are bland and boring, while a mantel adds some depth and functionality. Using this helpful guide from the DIY Network, you can create a fireplace mantel in about half a day. All it requires is some standard tools, a 2×4 board, some crown molding, trim, and other small parts. The best part about this DIY project is that it’s extremely easy and fairly cheap to complete.

5. New, Stylish Hearth

It’s not always the fireplace itself that needs attention. Sometimes you need a new hearth to add some warmth and style. This simple guide from the DIY Network allows you to build a completely new hearth in a single day of work. You’ll have to mix concrete, cut cement blocks, and apply mortar and plaster. From there, you’re free to add finishing touches as you please. The best part about this project is that it teaches you a lot of other valuable DIY skills you can use for other renovations.

Make the most out of your fireplace. With these five helpful DIY tutorials, you can completely change the look of your fireplace and make it both stylish and functional.