5 Common House Training Issues & How to Fix Them

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Potty train your puppy is one of the challenges for all dog owners. There are many issues to face during the process. You have to push yourself to handle any certain setbacks and deal with the problems to fix. Here are the common issues to know and how to solve the problems anyway.

Your Puppy Keep Going To The Bathroom In The Same Spot

If it happens, the chance is because your dog picks up on the leftover urine smells. Well, you may think that you have cleaned the area quite well. But, this creature has at least 10,000 times sense of smell better than humans. Therefore, they are able to pick up the leftover smells we cannot notice.
In addition, dogs tend to go to the bathroom in the same spot and the urine scent left is the main reason for his next visit. For dogs, this is something normal to go to that area again and again. If you want to avoid the setback, clean up the area thoroughly. You should remove the smells in the area so your dog will not pick up on it.
Here, you need an enzymatic cleaner to remove the smell and clean up the pet stains. The enzymes can bond to the specific molecules and then break them down. Using this cleaner makes your job is easier to clean up the mess and remove the stains.
Your Puppy Keep Going To The Bathroom In The Same Spot

Your Dog Has Accidents While You’re Working

Puppy is only able to hold their bladder not more than one hour per month of age. For example, if you have a three-month-old puppy, he only able to hold his bladder for three hours. This is the real issue for the owner who has to work full time. You cannot expect this puppy to hold it for about 8 hours or more while you are working.
So, what to do? Here are the few solutions:

  • Let your family member, neighbor, or friends take your dog out during the day
  • Come home during your lunch break and take your dog out.
  • Take your dog to doggie daycare if you don’t mind the cost
  • Hire a dog walker or dog sitter while you are working

Crate training offers the way to prevent your puppies from having the accident while you are working. But, we don’t say that crate training offers many benefits, yet it is not the foolproof method to prevent accidents. We think that crate training is not recommended. It is not the best tool to deal with house training. They less likely to soil in the crate but it only works as long as they are able to hold it in.
Your Dog Has Accidents While You’re Working

Dog Won’t Go to the Bathroom When You’re Outside

You bring your dog out to go potty just to see that he is interested in everything, but he cannot show that for the bathroom. This is the problem for all dog owners. There are some reasons why he does not want to do that. Perhaps he just wants to play, to go out and to explore. Since he gets older, his bladder will grow and he can hold it quite long. As you keep going with the house training, you will notice that your dog does not want to go potty for every hour or two like before. If every two hours you bring your dog out and he is not going potty, you can take him out for every three hours.
If your dog wants to go outside and he has a big interest in playing something, we recommend you to take him back inside and play indoors. They get older and get closer to completing that he needs to know the rule can change. In the first month of potty training, you can make outdoors for all about potty breaks as many as possible.
Dog Won’t Go to the Bathroom When You’re Outside

When Your Dog Has To Go Out But He Won’t Tell You

Dogs can figure out how to let you know if they want to go. Sadly, not all dogs give the easy-to-understand cue like scratching on the door right away just to get out. Therefore, you should find a reliable way to let your dog knows the best way to tell you if he wants to go out.
So, what if your dog does not let you know when he needs to go out? To avoid missing the signs, you can teach them to use the specific dog. He can bark at the door, use a bell, or anything that can take your attention when he needs to go outside.

The Older Dog is Urinating Inside Your House

Suddenly, the older dog goes to the bathroom inside your house. It can be urine marking or something serious happens.
Urine marking is what dogs do to mark their territory. They do it on purpose. They love to mark things while they are out on the walls like peeing in certain areas. Nevertheless, it can happen at home. They tend to mark some new items in the house like the new piece of furniture. They do “marking” because the new animal is coming at home.
Do you think there is a big change in your house? Do you have a new animal, or a new baby at home? Do you provide a new schedule for your dog? Do you move to a new house? Do you let your dog alone for longer than usual? These changes, of course, can cause stress and therefore, your dog did indoor urination.
With this accident, don’t even try to punish your dog. The solution is to clean up any area they have soiled well and then praise him for going potty outdoors.
If your dog keeps urinating on a certain piece of furniture, use the baby gate to block the access. If your dog seems anxious when you need to go for work and start urinating inside, decrease his separation anxiety slowly.
If there are no changes at home that can deal with his indoor urination, meet your vet. For older dogs that have been learning for potty trained, urinating inside your home can be the sign of medical issues as below:

  • Bladder stones
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Cushing’s Syndrome

If you think that your house broken dog start goes to the bathroom inside your home suddenly, consult with your vet immediately.
The Older Dog is Urinating Inside Your House