5 Best Craft Ideas To Make With Kids At Home For Thanksgiving

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Would not it be nice if you involve your kids to prepare the decorations for Thanksgiving? If you do not have any idea where to start this project, we have the best 5 craft ideas and these are so simple and easy. Even your kids will love to spend the time with you. Enjoy!

DIY Turkey Playdate

We are sure that this project will help you get the beautiful smile from your kids. This is so simple to make. You only need to reuse the toilet paper roll and some feathers.

DIY Turkey And Rope Centerpiece

It is the time to spruce up your decoration by adding this DIY turkey and rope. The turkey is made of rope with some colorful feathers from paper. It looks cute that can be a nice gift as well. Best of all, this DIY craft does not test your creativity or skills.

DIY Turkey Basket

Do you have many unused papers? Why do not try to make this basket to store bread and other goods? Kids will love this project so much.

DIY Turkey Decor From Plastic

Do you want to go green and reduce the waste of plastics? Well, this is what you need. If you have some plastic glasses, you can transform them into beautiful plastic holders. You can pour candies, chocolate balls. In addition, you can use it as a planter.

DIY Kids Thanksgiving Tree

It is better not to ignore this thanksgiving tree. If you have some kids at home, why do not try to make this thanksgiving tree? Let them write childish words and everything they want.

What things you always make for your Thanksgiving decorations?