4 New DIY Projects to Save Your Money during Holiday

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Holiday is around the corner and it seems impossible to save more money, especially for the Christmas gifts you need to buy. The holiday parties and the gift exchanges will be endless. Of course, the season will drain your bank account if you cannot control everything. It is amazing if you can save your money during the end of the year, especially if you have a big family. Fortunately, there are still many ways that will help you to save your money during the holiday. If you have no ideas, you can use these DIY projects as the best solution.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Buying, storing, and keeping up with wrapping paper every year can get expensive. Making your own wrapping paper is a fun, thrifty way to personalize your presents. Also, everyone will be super-impressed by how skilled and crafty you are! Here are some ideas to get started:

  • DIY Snowflake wrapping paper – Try to use a piece of construction paper. This will layer the snowflake patterns around the gift.
  • DIY Stamped wrapping paper – Wrap the gift in the paper grocery bag and use the household items to create the stamp patterns. You can even create a polka dot pattern by using a pencil eraser. Use a potato to carve your stamp to create larger dots and press it against the ink pad.
  • DIY Dotted wrapping paper – Once you wrapped your gift in the plain white paper, place round and self-adhesive. After that, color-coded labels over the gift.

Use An Online Card Maker

Make your card as unique as possible by using the online card maker. Customize your greeting cards and try for the endless design options. Use Adobe Spark to make more customized cards easily.

DIY Gifts

Creating your own gifts is easier than you think. From a snow globe cookie jar for Dad to DIY bath bombs for Mom, the web is full of creative, inexpensive ideas for holiday gifts. All it takes is a little patience and a lot of creativity to bring these ideas to life.

These Holiday Decorations Will Train your Creativity

It does not take a fortune to go all-out on holiday decorations. Here are a few fun, cost-effective ideas to bring holiday cheer into your home:

  • DIY Christmas tree: Whether you are missing a tree or just need to fill an empty wall, this simple craft will do just the trick. Use long strands of yarn to create a mini version of a tree on an empty wall. If you have children, enlist their help dressing the tree with paper-circle ornament cutouts.
  • Make your own Advent calendar. This is a fun way to get your kids excited about the holidays. Start by drawing or painting numbers on small muslin craft bags. Fill each bag with goodies or notes and use festive ribbons to hang them on a wall or small ladder. Each day leading up to Christmas, allow the children to open a bag that corresponds with that day of the month.
  • Deck out the entryway. If you have too many ornaments for your tree, consider putting the extras to work. After draping the entryway with green garland, use surplus ornaments to add bursts of color.
  • Create a quick, easy centerpiece. Take your candy dish to the next level with this creative idea. Layer green, red, and white wrapped candies in a tall glass jar for a beautiful centerpiece.

Well, it is easier to save your money during the holidays than you think. These four projects will make you able to deal with all expenses this season.