4 Best Solutions To Ripen Avocados Within 24 Hours

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Do you love to eat avocadoes? If this one is your favorite fruit, this is a nutritious and great addition to some recipes. If you want to find this fruit on the market but you need to spend for few days to ripen it, it should not happen again. Why so? In fact, you can use some best ways to ripen the avocados. Do these ways exist?
If you need the avocado for the same day, it can be frustrating having to wait days for them to ripen properly. Typically an under-ripe avocado will take a few days to get to the point where it’s flesh is perfectly soft to eat. If you can’t wait that long, then there are ways to ripen avocados quickly and effectively in time for using the same or next day.

How To Check For Ripe Avocados

It is essential to check for the ripe avocado, but how to do that?
First, a ripe avocado has a dark colored look. On the other hands, the under-ripe avocados have a brighter green.
Second, it should be firm but a bit soft when you touch it. It should be slightly squidgy under the skin when you gently squeeze it.
Third, you can avoid the over-ripe avocado if it leaves the finger indents when you test it.
Flicking the stem is also the best method to test the ripeness. It is ripe if it comes off easily. Otherwise, it still needs longer to ripen the avocados.
What if there are no ripe avocados available? Well, you can still do these methods.

1. The Paper Bag (And A Banana)

This is the most popular way to ripen avocados. You only need the ethylene gas to give off to ripen, add a banana to speed up the ripening process within 24 hours.
Get a paper bag, a banana and your avocado.
Place the avocado inside the bag together with the banana and loosely close the paper bag up.
Leave the bag in a warm place like a windowsill or by the oven.
After around 12–24 hours check the avocado for ripeness (you will see the banana has turned brown quite quickly)
Here is the complete tutorial.

2. The Oven

This method is great that will ripen your avocados in minutes. Now, you can use your avocados at the same day!
Get your under-ripe avocado and wrap it in aluminium foil.
Pop it in the oven at 200 degrees C or 100 degrees F for 10–15 minutes.
Carefully take it out (it’ll be a little hot) and open it up–it’ll have ripened nicely for you to use straight away.
Here is the complete tutorial.

3. The Pea

Another way to deal with over-ripe avocados when you can’t wait until the next day to use them with peas. The peas soften the avocado but doesn’t change the taste, so it’s a perfect and quick way to use your unripe avocado.
Cut open the avocado and take out the flesh.
Put it into a blender and add 1 cup of thawed, frozen peas or fresh peas.
Blend it for a few seconds until smooth.
Here is the complete tutorial.

4. The Salt

This trick is also great and you only need salt!
Cut around the top of the stem of your unripened avocado to create a small opening.
Pour sea salt into the opening and re-add the cut out piece like a lid.
Your avocado will be ready to eat by the next day.
Here is the complete tutorial.

More Hacks To Ripen and Store Your Avocados

There are many common errors people make when dealing with an avocado and since they’re so delicious, the last thing you want is to waste one!

  • Never put an avocado in the microwave to ripen it. It will turn it brown and mushy extremely quickly and can leave a rather putrid smell.
  • Don’t put an under-ripe avocado in the refrigerator as this will cause the flesh to develop a rubbery texture.
  • If you’re not in a hurry to ripen an avocado then keep it in your fruit bowl to allow it to ripen nicely over a few days.
  • Try to avoid placing the avocado for long periods in direct sunlight.
  • If an avocado is ripe but you still want to wait to use it, then store it in the refrigerator to keep it from going bad.
  • If you have half an open avocado to store, wipe some lemon juice over it to stop it from turning brown too quickly. Alternatively store opened avocados in a sealed container together with half an onion—this will also slow down the browning process.