35 Interesting Theories And Facts About The Universe

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For centuries we always look at the stars wondering what is outside there and how we are here. It needs centuries for a human to finally be able to travel the space. Although our experience in exploring the space is still little, it doesn’t mean scientists cannot observe and find theories. Here are some outstanding theories that make you wonder about the concept of the universe.

Reasons Dark Matter Is Hard To Detect

The dark matter contribution toward the universe is about 27%. Scientists believe this is invisible because the light cannot bounce off from it and this has the gravitational pull. This means the dark matter effects on the movement of the galaxies and also galactic clusters. Interestingly, the dark matter can also pass the regular matter undetected. This is why we still cannot detect how the dark matter is, but physicians are sure this exists.
The main reason why the dark matter is so hard to be detected comes from physicists Lattice Strong Dynamics Collaboration. If the conditions of the dark matter and the ordinary matter are similar, according to their stimulation, the noticeable interactions are possible. So, if their opinion is true, then in the near future we might be able to observe the dark matter.
Besides, we have good news from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN telling they finally could detect the dark matter for the first time. In conclusion, if their theory is true, probably before the universe cooled, a certain event like the type of balancing act between the dark matter and matter happened.

The Dark Matter Killed The Dinosaurs

The asteroid sounds to be the only culprit that makes the dinosaur extinct. But Lisa Randall thinks it is due to the dark matter.
It goes back to the 1980s which Jack Sepkoski and David Raup found evidence that every 26 million years there has been a huge extinction The further research also suggested the Earth suffered cataclysmic event every 30 million years. However, scientists are not so sure about the cataclysmic events.
So, if Randall’s theory is true, the dark matter might be the one that is responsible for the universe structure.

Life Spread To Other Galaxies Like An Epidemic

Talking about where we come from and the other beings are never-ending. Talking about existence is another mystery that is difficult to be solved. It is just like the black holes.
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggest the most logical answer about it is the life is spread from star to star. It is also known as the panspermia which there is a possibility of other life in another galaxy. Therefore, if the theory is true, then the other galaxy outside the Milky Way hosting a life is possible. This theory also argues about the life that can be spread via asteroid, such as microscopic organism that sticks on there. Furthermore, the intelligent beings can also become the main factor.

Reasons Why The Universe Is Made Of Dark Matter

The matter is something that takes space and has weight, and the anti-matter is the opposite. As the matter and anti-matter interact each other, they will annihilate each other. And this is believed that this was what happened at the fist start how the universe is made. Besides, these two things helped drive the universe expansion.
Scientists assume there should be equal amount but when it happens, the anti-matter and matter will destroy each other. Therefore, a conclusion was drawn that there is more matter than anti-matter. This assumption was unknown until researchers from the University of Chicago observed the subatomic particles in 2008. The analyzed subatomic was the one with the very short lives which were called the B mesons. In this case, they concluded that after the annihilations the anti-B mesons and B mesons decayed differently and created things like planets, stars and things that we can touch and feel.

Life Is Made By Disorder

Scientist uses the entropy to know the disorder in a system. The higher the entropy, the more disorder in a system. The lower the entropy, the more organization in the system is. For example, a lego has more organization than disorder which means it has low entropy. Meanwhile, the random piece of box has higher entropy.
The interesting fact about entropy is that it is the main reason why life exists. However, this the entropy doesn’t make sense when you look at the human brain with its complexity of order. The theory of entropy is also supported by an MIT professor, Jeremy England which said that higher entropy responsible for the life of the universe.

There Is No Beginning In The Universe

The theory we know today is that around 13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang caused the birth of the universe and it is still expanding. This Big Bang theory was invented in 1927 and its model is based on the general relativity of Einstein.
However, the relativity theory of Einstein has some holes that break the law of physics. Besides,  popular theories such as Quantum Physics doesn’t support his theory, nor quantum mechanics. In conclusion, even though the Big Bang seems to be the best theory for the birth of the universe, it may be wrong. Instead, our universe has no beginning or end.

The Universe Should Never Exist

After the Big Bang, the universe underwent cosmic inflation between 10-33 and 10-32 seconds. If this theory is true, this would result jolts and quantum fluctuation that pushed the universe out of the Higgs field that make the universe will be annihilated.

The Total Dimension In The Universe

Many scientists believe the universe has 10 dimensions. How does it work?
First of all, we know the first dimension is the single line, the second dimension is height, the third is depth and the fourth dimension is the duration. Then the weirdest is the fifth dimension which has many similarities like ours. And then the sixth dimension is where the parallel universe placed with the same condition. So as our dimension was started with Big Bang, then the sith dimension did the same. Then, the seventh dimension consists of a different world with different starting conditions. Now, the eight dimension starts getting difficult to understand, and so is the ninth dimensions which consist all possibilities including different starting condition and law physics. The last dimension, 10th, will make anything impossible that humans brain cannot understand.

Times Are Not Moving Forward

If the time only moves forward, then popular equation like the law of universal gravitation, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and even relativity would not be incorrect. If the time moves forward and backward then all of those theories will work perfectly. But this is possible if two universes were started during the Big Bang.

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