3 Types of Food Addiction And Their Deeper Meaning

Salt Cravings

Salt is a very grounding element: it is present in the earth, it is present in the ocean and rain, and it is present in our bodies. Salt actually balances and controls our blood pressure, bodily fluids as well as nerve and muscle function, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to discover that people who crave salt usually also crave control and stability.

Out of all food addictions, salt is the one I personally struggle with the most. I absolutely love anything and everything savory, and find that I particularly crave salt when feeling “ungrounded” and psychologically stressed out.

If you’re a control-freak by nature and hate uncertainty, imbalance and instability, you might very well be a salt addict. Like a mineral fortress, I believe salt is unconsciously sought out by us to “solidify” ourselves, as the more salt our body has, the thicker our blood is and the harder our arteries are.

Also, I believe that naturally low-energy people who are prone to low blood-pressure (like me) inevitably crave salt more than sugar or fatty foods because of its grounding and strengthening effects.

Potential Lesson: Developing trust for the process of life can be a very difficult thing to do for it requires us to loosen our tight grip on existence. But the truth is that life is unpredictable, change is inevitable and struggle is inescapable. The sooner we develop a more humble and realistic attitude towards what we can truly control (our choices and attitudes), the more naturally grounded we will feel. Once again, learning to trust and be comfortable with what we truthfully can control requires the development of acceptance and non-resistance.

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